GenEYE / Millenials

July 2016 Frames

A Nation of SUN Worshippers

Hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach for a GenEYE romp under the sun.
July 2016 Frames

I Think Therefore EYE Am... GenEYE

The current State of Independents on both sides of the dispensing table from the GenEYE POV.
November 2015 Frames

Millennial Men

When it comes to selling men’s eyewear, making the right choices also means breaking some rules.
October 2015 Frames

It Matters

Materials matter in this selection of meticulously mastered eyewear.
July 2015 GenEYE / Millenials


With a refreshing new outlook on trends and a knack for stepping outside the box...
July 2015 GenEYE / Millenials

Confession: I’m a Millennial

My generation (as The Who croons) is the first group to come of age in the 21st century.
July 2015 GenEYE / Millenials

GenEYE Massively Millennial

Eye want the world and Eye want it on GenEYE terms.
July 2015 GenEYE / Millenials

GenEYE Maximum Millennial

GenEYE demands total attention—and the world is listening.