Marketing / Merchandising

February 2020 Marketing / Merchandising

Fresh off the Boards

Being a newly licensed optician has been rewarding since I've passed my boards. There is always something new to learn. I had an immediate sense of relief and added confidence when I opened the letter to discover I passed.
March 2019 Retail Strategies

We’re Excited!

Last month, Deborah Kotob, 20/20 Magazine Director of Education, attended the Opticians Association of America State Leadership Conference in Memphis. There, Deb announced Jobson Pro to Pro as the OAA media partner. For more than 90 years, the OAA has been dedicated to the advancement of the American optician. From their Mission Statement, “the OAA is the collective voice of the opticianry industry.
June 2018 Frames

Adventures in Eavesdropping: Frame Selection

I’m technically cheating with this entry in “Adventures in Eavesdropping,” since there technically wasn’t any eavesdropping involved, but it’s a continuation of the observations I’ve made in that miniseries. I recently discovered an absolutely charming little street near where I live in Texas that used to be a residential neighborhood, but whose houses have been converted into small businesses.
February 2018 Business

You Have Made It Through Week 52! What’s Next?

2017 is over, now it is time for optical offices to start checking their numbers. Was there an increase in revenue? Are we purchasing the best frames for the office location? Is the lab you use overpriced? Is the office itself over or under priced on fees? All of these are valid questions and to be evaluated quickly. The same applies to the doctor’s office. We are all trying to build our practices. What can we do to make it easier?
January 2018 Marketing / Merchandising

I’m Sorry, Am I Bothering You?

We’ve all been there: trying to make a reservation or a purchase and encountering a less than enthused associate. Whether it is at your local big box store or over the phone with a sales representative, it can be frustrating. What if I told you I see this frequently in the field of opticianry? Would you be surprised?
November 2017 Marketing / Merchandising

Can the Internet Actually Help Traditional Eyewear Retail?

There’s an internet eyewear retailer whose advertising claims to dispel the “myths” of internet eyewear purchases. Here’s one. “Myth: Online glasses compromise on quality. While there are certain online retailers that sell less-than-quality products, there are plenty of low quality products at retailers that sell at brick and mortar locations. All you need to do is make sure you do your research.” Was that supposed to be reassuring?

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