Marketing / Merchandising

January 2018 Marketing / Merchandising

I’m Sorry, Am I Bothering You?

We’ve all been there: trying to make a reservation or a purchase and encountering a less than enthused associate. Whether it is at your local big box store or over the phone with a sales representative, it can be frustrating. What if I told you I see this frequently in the field of opticianry? Would you be surprised?
November 2017 Marketing / Merchandising

Can the Internet Actually Help Traditional Eyewear Retail?

There’s an internet eyewear retailer whose advertising claims to dispel the “myths” of internet eyewear purchases. Here’s one. “Myth: Online glasses compromise on quality. While there are certain online retailers that sell less-than-quality products, there are plenty of low quality products at retailers that sell at brick and mortar locations. All you need to do is make sure you do your research.” Was that supposed to be reassuring?
November 2017 Fitting and Adjusting Frames

Eyes Are the Window to the Soul…We Frame the Connections!

Ever hear the joke about the girl who walks into a bar? She orders a martini, notices a rather dapper gentleman wearing a pair of incredible glasses, and decides to ask him where he purchased them.
I ordered them online.
Girl then proceeds to call her cousin: Can you measure my face? I’d like to order some glasses online.
Here’s the punchline: I’m the cousin. Funny,right? NOT!
June 2017 Marketing / Merchandising

Jobs at the Speed of Light: High-Efficiency Ordering with VisionWeb

During my second year as an optician, our office signed up with a lab to handle a particular type of specialty job. This lab was considered one of the best in the Continental United States for handling this specific order, and came highly recommended to us by a number of frame reps and experienced opticians. Their testimonials were backed up by the jobs we got back: They were well made, the lab had a quick turnaround time, and we had a high satisfaction rate with our patients. There was only one drawback: The lab required paper orders to be filled out by hand.
June 2016 Marketing / Merchandising

Are You Using Your Silent Sales People? Sales-Propelling Displays

Display and window designs are called “silent sales people” in the retail world and they are used to communicate a message, form a visual image of a business, “invite” patients in and call attention to eyewear and other products. Looking outside our industry we know that well designed displays and windows propel sales. It is more than worth the time and investment to create optical displays that have an impact and draw patients into your dispensary.

March 2016 Marketing / Merchandising

A Look through Your Customer’s Eyes

For most of us, walking into work, even driving to work, becomes a habit. We go through the motions but don’t always pay attention, taking it all for granted. Unfortunately, when we do that, we often miss the subtle changes that over time may become more significant.