Lens Care

April 2016 Lens Care

To Care or Not to Care?

Many of us in the optical market have developed a natural tendency to pay attention to the eyeglasses another person is wearing – whether the frame, the lenses, or how the glasses fit the consumer. It’s a natural by product of our passion, of what we do daily. Having focused on eyeglass lens care for years, I pay particular attention to the condition of one’s lenses.
March 2016 Lens Care

A Day in the Life of a Pair of Eyeglasses

It’s early morning. You awake to the obnoxious sound of an alarm, roll over to turn it off, and as you sit up in bed, you reach for your glasses, fumbling around in the dark. For some of us, we need those glasses from the moment we get up. You stumble to the bathroom and start the shower for a wake me up, and maybe a few more minutes of sleep.
October 2015 Lens Care

Protecting Your Investment, How to Care For Your Eyeglasses

So, you’ve just helped your patient choose the most beautiful, technologically advanced, perfect pair of eyewear. You’ve adjusted them to fit like a glove, and you’re ready to send your patient out into the world with this new optical masterpiece. Here’s the question, have you properly prepared this patient for all that is waiting for them in the real world? Not sure what information is imperative? Let me help.

October 2015 Lens Care

It’s All In The Presentation

The big moment is here: Ms. Jones is picking up her new eyeglasses. She is excited and a little afraid. Excited because these new glasses are so cool. It is the latest style, and she went for the high-tech lenses, too. But, what if she does not like the frame and what if the lenses are not all that great.
October 2015 Lenses

The Fog Has Lifted

So, it seems everyone wants the look of the big plastic acetate frames, fun, colorful, oversized frames. I get it, I wear them too, and truth be told, I love them.  Hold on, Let’s rephrase this statement, I LOVE LOVE them!
August 2015 Lens Care

The Science of Forever: Nanofilm Lens Cleaning Solutions

We all know that awful feeling. When your new car gets its first door ding. When your new armchair gains chocolate-y fingerprints. When your smartphone screen gets scratched on your pocket change. When those new ultra-hip boots get rain-stained.

July 2015 Lenses

America In A Fog?

You open the oven door to check your pizza, your glasses fog up. You’re speeding down a ski slope, your glasses and your goggles fog up. You step out of an air-conditioned car into the summer swelter, your sunglasses fog up.

June 2015 Lens Care

Mother in Law Research

A few years ago when I was working in marketing for a large optical corporation we used to laugh about “mother-in-law” research. In order to make advertising claims or write white papers about our products, or even make decisions to change our products or processes we did statistically based research on a regular basis.
April 2014 Lens Care

The Care and Feeding of Parents, Now That Their Child Needs Glasses, Part Two

For parents who aren't already aware of the important role of vision correction, discuss the link between their children wearing their glasses (compliance) and the benefits that are being delivered.
March 2014 Lens Care

The Care and Feeding of Parents, Now That Their Child Needs Glasses, Part One

Ever wonder who's more nervous—the child who's getting their first pair of glasses, or the patient's parent? It turns out that when faced with a new eyewear prescription for their child, parents often have concerns that they don't necessarily know how to express.

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