So, it seems everyone wants the look of the big plastic acetate frames, fun, colorful, oversized frames. I get it, I wear them too, and truth be told, I love them. Hold on, Let’s rephrase this statement, I LOVE LOVE them! Now, the down side here is sometimes I find myself with a little fogging issue when I wear my large, low vertex, close fitting, gorgeous big frames. So, what’s a girl to do when it comes to choosing fashion over function? We choose fashion every time. So, now for the pursuit of a solution to this fogging issue…

Real life solution

I had the good fortune to be introduced to the Defog It product by Nanofilm, it is in a re-sealable pouch and contains a cloth treated with the Defog product that can be reused 20 times. Now, immediately after being told about this product, I totally dismissed it because I’ve used anti-fog products before and I found them to be greasy and cumbersome, and truthfully, not all that functional at all. But, imagine my relief when a product actually worked the way I was told it would work. In the Defog It product by Nanofilm I finally found my solution.

Not only does this product work as advertised, but since I’ve had such great luck with it myself; I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about how easy it works and truthfully there are so many more applications than I first realized. I now give a pouch to my kids who get sport safety eyewear. I give a pouch to my patients who get motorcycle sunglasses and I give a pouch to many of my sport specific wrap sunglass patients. The great thing about giving the first pouch at no charge is that after the patient uses it the 20 times, you know they’re going to come in to purchase more.

Also because I live in the Midwest, we tend to have great temperature swings, which of course lead to many of the fogging issues we discussed. So even with great fitting eyewear, in the cold of winter you’re going to experience fogging just from the quick change of temperature between being in your warm car to heading outside in the cold. Again, another time this product can work its magic!

Get to the point, lady.

So, here is the point. If you think fogging issues are only for certain frames or certain situations or even specific to certain people, you might be missing the boat. If you are already doing lifestyle dispensing and asking the questions of your patients about how the use their eyes or how their lifestyle may be impacting their eyewear choice, why not ask if they’re having any issues with fogging and offer a solution there also? Again, if we are in the business of offering solutions to our patients, it pays to have a good line-up of solutions to use. Worst case scenario, if you give the product to your patient for them to see first hand, you’ll end up creating good will on the part of your patient and demand for a solution. Your patient will end up coming back for more.

Johnna Dukes, ABOC is currently the owner and operator of an optical boutique, with experience in both the private practice sector as well as the retail chain setting. She has a wide range of experience varying from optical support staff to dispensary management to practice ownership. She lives in Okoboji, Iowa.