June 2018 Eyes/Optics

Vacation Preparation—Protect Your Eyes from Sunburn

It’s that time of year for a huge increase in vacationers. Many people will be heading to the beach and to other outdoor activities. One of the biggest concerns while enjoying the outdoors is preventing sunburn. The first thought is protecting your skin with diverse types of sunscreen, but not many people realize that your eyes can get sunburn just like your skin. This is a temporary, but painful condition that can be prevented with a little preparation.
June 2018 Eyes/Optics

Sunlight and Cataracts

Prevent Blindness America named June “Cataract Awareness Month,” and we need to be very aware that worldwide, cataracts are the most preventable cause of blindness. The message is clear: Long term exposure to UV radiation, especially from sunlight, is linked directly to cataract development. But how, exactly, does UV exposure cause cataracts?
May 2018 Eyes/Optics

Are You Aware of These UV Effects?

Happy May! Or should I say, “Welcome to UV Awareness Month,” as so-named by Prevent Blindness America. As Eye Care Professionals, we know that UV has harmful effects on the internal structures of the eye, but do you know that some medications can compound the effects of UV exposure?
April 2018 Eyes/Optics

Healthy Eating Equals Healthy Eyes

It is well known that exercising and discontinuing bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol will help us live a healthier life. Eating healthy foods is a big part of that healthy lifestyle. Not only will it improve your overall health, but there are some vitamins and minerals that can have a direct effect on healthier vision.
February 2018 Lenses

Improve Pal Success With Improved Pal Fitting

Parts 1 through 4 of this series described the importance of determining the visual axis measurement to maximize patient visual comfort and satisfaction with PALs. This final installment introduces methods and devices to obtain that measurement.
January 2018 Eyes/Optics

Dry Eyes and Winter

In most places, winter is almost always cold and windy. The heaters are running full blast. This can drastically drop the humidity level in your home and vehicle, which can cause eyes to dry out quickly. Dry eyes can lead to discomfort, pain, itching, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and excessive tearing. With so many complications, it is worthwhile to discuss possible dry eye issues with all patients, especially contact lens wearers.
January 2018 Eyes/Optics

Improve PAL Success with Improved PAL Fitting – Part 3

Part 2 discussed the effect of angle Kappa on PAL dissatisfaction. Part 3 defines angle Kappa and shows its relationship to fitting issues.
January 2018 Eyes/Optics

Winter Eyes

Two pairs of socks, layered sweaters, and two pairs of gloves have been the norm for the past couple weeks in much of the country. But the bitter cold presents risks to eyes as well as fingers and toes, and ECPs can face some unusual patient scenarios.