September 2021 Eyes/Optics

Kids and Digital

There has been rising concern about the impact of digital device use on children’s vision, and the year 2020 may provide a unique data pool for analysis. According to USAFacts, 65% of households with children reported the use of online learning last year. Never before have there been so many children learning via digital devices, increasing the screen time that was already raising concern. The impact on vision is as yet unknown, but there is fertile ground for study.
July 2021 Eyes/Optics

What We Learned About Vision - from Horseshoe Crabs

I live in an area that is a spawning ground for horseshoe crabs in early summer. They’re odd-looking creatures that remind me of miniature amphibious tanks storming the beach. I noticed two lateral eyes near the front of the dorsal shell that didn’t seem to be particularly useful when the crabs took circuitous routes to find their way back to the water. Curious as to how they navigated, I did some research and found some surprising information.
June 2021 Linda Conlin

Vision: The Competitive Edge

After a winter that may have seemed longer than usual, professional and amateur athletes alike are rushing for the great outdoors. They’re honing skills that may have become a bit rusty from lack of practice, searching for that competitive edge. They’re abandoning comfort food for good nutrition to gain strength, speed, and stamina. Do they know that nutrition can enhance one of the most critical sports skills – vision?
May 2021 Eyes/Optics

Seeing Differently

The only crayons my son would use had to have the wrappers on, showing the names of the colors. I brushed it off as the peculiarities of a five-year-old, along with not letting the foods touch on his plate. Not long after, my father was diagnosed late in life as being color vision deficient. Aha! I had grown up thinking that Dad simply had no interest in the color of anything. How easy it was to consider the behaviors to be idiosyncrasies rather than look for an underlying cause!
May 2021 Education

In the Clinic: Macular Degeneration Hits Close to Home

We see a lot of eye issues every day in this field. Patients with blurry vision who need something as simple as glasses, some who have eye diseases and need a daily regimen of eye drops or ointment for treatment, others who may be referred to a specialist for more extreme treatments. It becomes just another day’s work until it hits close to home. That’s exactly what happened to me.
March 2021 Eyes/Optics

Anti-Fatigue Lenses and Online Learning: How It Impacts You

Kids are spending a lot of time on digital devices these days. That’s not some bitter Xennial pot-shot at the ubiquity of cell phones and tablets in the hands of kids from 18 down to three. Rather, it’s a simple statement of fact regarding the plight of a generation who’ve been handed the moniker Zoomers—that crop of kids who’re attending school in the age of COVID.
November 2020 Eyes/Optics

Optical Rock

I knew Andy Karp, Group Editor Lenses and Technology for Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine, was a musician, but I didn’t know the extent of his talents.
November 2020 Eyes/Optics

Necessity is the Father of Invention

What happens when someone who needs medically necessary scleral contact lenses loses the dexterity to insert and remove them? Why, he invents a robot to do it for him!
November 2020 Eyes/Optics

The New Normal

I get calls all day at work asking what our “new normal” is. Patients inquire about the length of exams, how to proceed when they arrive, anything that might have changed since COVID hit. 
October 2020 Eyes/Optics

Contact Lens Buffet

On October 1, the American Optometric Association (AOA) posted a notice about a recall of AquaSoft contact lenses by 1-800 CONTACTS. AquaSoft is the company’s private label brand, manufactured by Visco Technology in Malaysia.