June 2020 Managed Care

COVID-19 Vision Care – Now and the Future

Much attention has been paid to reopening vision care practices during the “new normal” imposed by COVID-19. Will we ever return to “normal” or has the way we deliver vision care permanently changed?
June 2020 Retail Strategies

Let’s Go!

If you have read my previous columns, you have seen that our team worked to establish a restart protocol for each area of our practice.
June 2020 Retail Strategies

Are You Set?

Now that you have your COVID-19 team experts reporting on the measures to implement at restart, what exactly are those measures? To what degree do we change our procedures? Let me tell you what we did in our clinics.
June 2020 Retail Strategies

Here’s Some Help for You

As many opticals across the country are slowly opening or preparing to open, the OAA feels the most important help we can give you now is guidance. 
June 2020 Retail Strategies

Are You Ready?

Here we go! It is time to open your practice back up for “normal” business. Let us look at what is necessary to be safe and responsible in this new, uncharted land ahead.
May 2020 Retail Strategies

Reopening During COVID-19: How This Practice Did It

Sue Gavalis has been an optician for more than four decades. I’ve known her for two. She recently moved to South Carolina and I wanted to find out how she was doing during COVID-19.
May 2020 Retail Strategies

Trying to Prepare for The Unknown

In the post-COVID era, things are different. How we interact with people is different, how we feel about spending money is different, how we determine what is necessary and what is not, is suddenly very different.