February 2023 Lenses

IOT introduces new Neochromes Agile Dark lenses: extra dark lenses that fade-back fast!

IOT invites patients everywhere—and the ophthalmic industry—to embrace the light with Neochromes Agile Dark, the newest addition to the Neochromes family of light activated lenses. Neochromes Agile Dark lenses are even darker than IOT’s current Neochromes yet fade back just as quickly.
January 2023 Lenses

Peace of Mind from Lens Crazing

I’ll never forget the day. The patient was a -9D myope, picking up her glasses in a very expensive frame. As with many myopes, she just wanted a ‘slight adjustment’ – several times. I admit to being a coward when I didn’t try to pop the lenses out to bring the temples in closer. I had wrapped the frame front in a towel, but you know what happened next – the AR on the lenses crazed, resulting in an upset patient as well as the optical manager. Now there’s a way to find the courage for these delicate adjustments.
June 2022 Lenses

Double Duty for a Contact Lens

We know that contact lenses can deliver drugs directly to the eye surface, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen. And we know that Sensimed’s Triggerfish contact lens monitors changes in intraocular pressure (IOP) for glaucoma. Now researchers have developed a contact lens that does both. The wireless theranostic contact lens (WTCL) not only tracks IOP, but delivers anti-glaucoma drugs on demand, as reported in Nature Communications. (Toshniwal Paharia, Pooja Toshniwal Paharia. "Glaucoma treatment using smart contact lenses that release drugs". News-Medical. 20 June 2022. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20220519/Glaucoma-treatment-using-smart-contact-lenses-that-release-drugs.aspx.) Note: Theranostics is a combination of the terms therapeutics and diagnostics.
October 2021 Lenses

Back to School in a COVID World

While the late-Summer-early-Fall trip to the optometrist is a yearly tradition for families with children who wear glasses, this year, of course, is going to be a bit different: due to COVID restrictions, not only will the appointment itself be different, but so will the way patients use those glasses in the classroom. As patients roll into your practice either in preparation for a return to the classroom, or as they come in realizing from their experience at school that their Rx has changed, or some come in newly realizing they need an Rx, here are a few things to keep in mind to help make patients’ return to the classroom as safe and comfortable as possible.