October 2020 Education

3 Easy Tips for Better PAL Fitting

Change can be good or bad, but one thing is certain, change is change. For previous progressive lens wearers always mark up the patient’s last pair and ask them to demonstrate their posture for distance viewing, reading and screen use. 
July 2020 Lenses

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV Has Your Back

By now, the dangers of UV radiation are known to eye care professionals and the great majority of consumers who want 100% UV protection. But even with lenses that claim to block 100% UV, are they getting 100% protection?
June 2020 Lenses

Recreating Perfect Vision During an Imperfect Time - Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog Coated Lenses

We all have made sacrifices during the current health crisis, but for the spectacle wearer, clear vision shouldn’t be one of them.
June 2020 Lenses

Creating Prism in a Stock Lens

Prism can be created in single vision lenses by manually decentering a single vision stock lens versus ordering the prism surfaced into a lens at a lab.
May 2020 Lenses

IOT Free-Form Technology Insights

As the Director of Education and Training Development for Jobson Optical Group, I often need credible sources to provide science-based support for claims. I always refer to the IOT website when looking for or asked to recommend a good source on the topic of free-form (FF) technology.
March 2020 Lenses

Coronavirus and Contact Lenses

When the CDC recommendations for health care professionals include, “Vigilance and proper hygiene - thorough handwashing, PPE use, disinfecting equipment in the office when in contact with bodily fluids, such as tears, can help prevent infection,” contact lens wear immediately comes to mind.

Continuing Education

The Art of Multiple Pairs

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