June 2021 Linda Conlin

Vision: The Competitive Edge

After a winter that may have seemed longer than usual, professional and amateur athletes alike are rushing for the great outdoors. They’re honing skills that may have become a bit rusty from lack of practice, searching for that competitive edge. They’re abandoning comfort food for good nutrition to gain strength, speed, and stamina. Do they know that nutrition can enhance one of the most critical sports skills – vision?
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IOT Free-Form Insights Part 13

Why compensate lenses? Free-form lens design and surfacing technology compensate the lens surface, making the effective power perceived by the patient in the primary gaze position match the prescribed power given by the refracting doctor. Why are they not the same? Short answer: The trial lenses used to refract the patient are flat and sit perpendicular to the patient’s visual axis in the primary gaze position, but when the lens is worn, it forms an oblique angle to the visual axis, inducing oblique aberration, changing the effective power perceived.

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The Art of Multiple Pairs

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