April 2021 Education

Be Bold

My sister-in-law called, worried about her husband. He was having headaches and neck and shoulder pain, and she didn’t know why. My optical instincts kicked in, and I asked when he had his last eye exam. It was about four years ago. He is 65, working from home on digital devices, and wearing the readers he got at his last exam. I told her his complaints were consistent with digital eye strain, that he needed an eye exam, and most likely progressive lenses. “But they’re so expensive!” she replied. I did my best to convince her that the investment was well worth it. It worked.
April 2021 Resources

IOT Free-Form Insights Part 12

In Part 11, we learned about IOT’s foundational technology, Digital Ray-Path®. This technology minimizes oblique aberrations in customized free-form lenses. We learned that “The value of the merit function is given by a weighted sum of the optical aberrations of the lens system. To achieve the best lens performance optimization of the optical system means finding the values of the free parameters that make the value of the merit function minimal.” (Dr. Jose Alonso et al)
April 2021 Upfront

What Eye Hear

April 2021 Linda Conlin

Natural Eyes

A little over a year ago, many of us including me began telecommuting as offices shut down. My pumps, blouses and blazers went into the closet. The pouch containing my cosmetics was zipped and tossed in a drawer. Offices are beginning to open again, and I hope I can remember how to put together an outfit that doesn’t include yoga pants, not to mention how to apply makeup. Prevent Blindness named April Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month, so it’s a good time to revisit those cosmetics, especially eye makeup.
March 2021 Education

Everything in One Place

Not long after Carissa Dunphy started at the front desk in a busy optometric practice, her superiors told her, “You can do more.” She agreed to train as a tech, and “got hooked” on the field. Carissa is now an ABO certified optician and founder of Optician Now, a web resource for opticians and those seeking certification or licensure. Her goal is to have one central place to find all kinds of information relating to the optician profession.