November 2017 Resources

Mindful Eyes on Houston

As many of our long-time readers know, I’m a Houston native, and lived and worked in Houston for the majority of my time with 20/20 before a recent move to Dallas. As such, even though I was outside of the city when Hurricane Harvey hit, I still had friends and family there who were affected by the storm. It’s been an extremely troubling time, but I’m grateful everyone I know came out unscathed, and that, true to its nature, Houston has already begun the road back to recovery. It’s also been heartwarming to see that something else I hold so dear to my heart—the world of optical—has stepped up to lend a helping hand, with numerous individuals in the Optisphere pitching in on a variety of relief efforts to make sure Houstonians have clear vision with which to begin rebuilding our city.
September 2016 Business

Doing Good For The Kids In Flint

Most people are unaware that about 500,000 children globally go blind each year from Vitamin A deficiency, and half of those children die within 12 months as a result of Vitamin A deficiency. Even more astounding, it costs just one dollar for a year’s worth of supplements for one child. That means a one dollar donation to Helen Keller International will ensure at least one child will not die or go blind from vitamin A deficiency.

September 2016 Resources

Celebrate Paraoptometrics

Alerting all optometrists and optometric managers, September 18th thru September 24th was Paraoptometric Week. This is a week to recognize all of the hard working optometric technicians in your office. The American Optometric Association observes it the third week of September annually. Doctors and managers are encouraged to recognize their staff in fun and creative ways. To help with this, the AOA has items that can be printed off the website under the Paraoptometric Recognition Week recognition kit.
September 2016 Resources

Society to Advance Opticianry Honors Barry Santini, OO, as 2016 Ophthalmic Optician of the Year

AUSTIN, Texas—The Society to Advance Opticianry has named Barry Santini, OO, as the 2016 Ophthalmic Optician of the Year. The organization plans to present him with a certificate acknowledging this honor during their annual meeting to be held in Las Vegas at Vision Expo West on Saturday Sept. 17, 2016.

August 2016 Resources

Darryl Meister’s Educational Forum – The Importance of Understanding Color Deficiency

It is my honor and pleasure to publish in today’s Opticians Handbook eblast the first of what I hope will be many more research papers submitted by students or their instructors of vision science in the Darryl Meister Educational Forum section.

June 2016 Resources

Barry Santini named 2016 Ophthalmic Optician of the Year

We’ve been known to brag (just a bit) from time to time about our talented and prestigious group of Contributing Editors – both past and present. We have exciting news to share about one of our past Contributing Editors for the Opticians Handbook - Barry Santini, O.O. (Ophthalmic Optician®).

May 2016 Resources

Healthy Vision Month

May is Healthy Vision Month, a national eye health observance established in May 2003 by the National Eye Institute. NEI is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Millions of people in the United States have undiagnosed eye diseases and vision problems. This is a month to help educate your community on the importance of a routine comprehensive dilated exam to maintain eye health and preserve vision.

November 2015 Resources

Need to Get Certified?

I had the great opportunity to teach a class at a recent conference in Athens, Georgia. The class was on innovations in technology in the eye field. I was so glad to see the optometric technicians that attended. We had the time to have an in-depth conversation on the topics I presented, which was great.
November 2015 Resources

ANSI Z80.1 – 2015 Revision Has Just Been Published!

As chairman of the ANSI Z80.1 spectacle lens committee, I am excited to announce that a new 2015 revision has just been published and is available for purchase at the ANSI online store. ANSI Z80.1 provides recommended tolerances and quality guidelines for prescription ophthalmic lenses in edged or assembled form. This standard is targeted for updating every five years to keep current with industry innovations and product and process evolution.
September 2013 Resources

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