Doing Good

March 2015 Doing Good

Do Good and Receive Good

Just when you want to pull out your hair because it is so exhausting to deal with your patients' visual demands, the unexpected "Thank You" puts it all back into the right perspective.
October 2014 Doing Good

Why Get Involved in Your Community

How recently have you been asked to donate to a charity at the conclusion of a store or online purchase? Have you participated in a run or walk and been impressed by the number of business groups all wearing coordinated t-shirts? Purchased a pink calculator you didn’t need to support a cause?

June 2013 Doing Good

Infinite Vision: The Story Of Dr. V

There are great acts of humanity that occur around us every day. This story is no different. Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy (Dr. V) has dedicated his life to the blind and giving them sight, resulting in one of the world's most extraordinary models of service delivery.