With 2018 marking the 105th anniversary of ESCHENBACH providing the optisphere with diverse products enhancing vision and lives, the heart and soul of this venerated company decided to elevate their delivery with a step into the world of faithful and useful companionship via the Fidelco Guide Dog.

A Vision Expo opening day greeting by Eschenbach CEO and president Kenneth Bradley brightened considerably as he introduced Eliot Russman, president and CEO of Fidelco, Cathy Beaudoin, a Fidelco Guide Dog user and… Winnie, Cathy’s guide dog.

These are indeed special dogs. According to Russman, guide dogs require 15,000 hours of training at a cost of $45,000. And Fidelco positions these insightful companions with visually impaired people at no cost to them. Winnie is Beaudoin’s third dog. “The quality of my life with the dog is just unbelievably so much better than when I was walking around with a white cane. The cane made people cross the street to avoid me. The dog makes people cross the street to say hello to me, and you can’t put a price on that.” We totally intend to walk along with these dogs as they impact lives. We suggest you do at eschenbach.com/partner_project.asp. This is a great declaration of fostering Independence by our friends at Eschenbach.

—James J. Spina