Sport Eyewear

March 2017 New Frame Products

Roka Sunwear

Roka debuts its performance eyewear...
October 2016 Technicians

Key Into Lifestyles and Boost Sports Sunwear Sales

Eyewear that suits the needs of sports-active patients is a growing opportunity. I know this both as an OD, and as an athlete myself. As a triathlete, I am active in the sports community of Miami, where I practice. This is an area in which an outdoors lifestyle is the norm, with many of my patients participating in everything from marathons and triathlons to boating.
June 2016 Sport Eyewear

Wrapped Sunwear for More Patients

Whether you are an athlete or just a casual sunglass wearer, high wrap frames are in demand. Big sunglasses with a steep curve that hug the lenses close to the face are the sunglasses of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts, including cycling, volleyball, shooting, running, hiking, sailing, fishing and boating. Even casual sunglass wearers benefit from a large fitting frame including lots of eye and face coverage.

June 2016 Sport Eyewear

Championship SEEson

Sport pros and their performance-elevating sport frames.
June 2016 Frames and Sunwear Trends

A Wide World of Sport Eyewear Independents

When it comes to eyewear’s Declaration of Independents, sunwear may just be the proudest signature.
June 2016 Sport Eyewear

Get Active

In an increasingly environmentally- aware world...
June 2016 Frames and Sunwear Trends

Victory at See

Eye see victory with this sport eyewear.
May 2016 Sport Eyewear

Sports and Eyes. What You Can Do to Prevent Injury

While special attention is drawn to sports eye safety in the month of April, eye safety should be a focus year round with any of your patients who participate in sports.
November 2015 Sport Eyewear

The Right Equipment—Eyewear for Cyclists

Because I love to ride, I encourage others to use bicycles to get around town or get a little exercise or just have fun. Many people hesitate to join me because of the stigma created by “avid” cyclists dressed in colorful, tight-fitting lycra, helmets, and the crazy shoes that make walking hilariously awkward.