By Christine Yeh

The game of golf dates back centuries but has witnessed thriving popularity over the last two decades, especially in the past four years since the onset of a global pandemic. Once a sport mainly limited to those with exclusive country club memberships, not only are the number of players growing, but the demographics are also changing with a younger and more diverse participant base partaking. A large part is due to efforts across the board to make the sport more inclusive and accessible to all, while off-course entertainment venues with driving ranges and miniature golf options provide a social recreational environment.

With rising growth and interest also comes the demand and need for the gear—equipment, apparel and, of course, sunwear. Apart from the benefits of sun protection, in years past, sunglasses were not always considered an integral part of the golfer’s gear. If a golfer wore sunwear while hitting the links, it was likely their everyday pair of sunglasses that did not have the proper lens tint suitable for the game. Yet golf is among the most visually demanding sports, and while proper eye health protection is essential, so is the need to address golf’s visual environment and the challenges that varying conditions can pose on the eyes that can significantly impact performance. The advent of performance sport eyewear and the advanced technologies they employ have been a game changer. Sport eyewear manufacturers continue to up their tech game, crafting frames and lenses that enhance visual acuity while ensuring comfort. Golfers today, professionals and enthusiasts alike, are embracing the competitive advantages of wearing sport sunwear tailored for their visual needs.

PGA Tour professional golfer Dylan Frittelli can attest to the benefits of high performance sunwear on his golf game. A member of Team Oakley’s impressive roster of athletes in representing the brand in a diverse range of sport categories, Frittelli is among the first in his profession to wear Oakley’s newest sport sunwear styles, the BiSphaera, a dual lens frame offered with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses and Sphaera, an open-ended shield design. Designed to provide the most extended field of view yet, this new sunwear duo features sleek designs optimized for comfort and confidence-inspiring style. Paired with Oakley’s Prizm lens technology, the frames maximize contrast across various light and weather conditions, delivering fine-tuned vision for enhanced performance and wear.

Frittelli takes a break off the green and gives 20/20 an exclusive look at his golf journey and partnership with Oakley. We could have finessed a play on words using golf jargon for this feature’s main headline, but a peek at our cover star’s Instagram profile made it super easy for us. With a handle name (@frittellivision) that includes the word “vision,” we couldn’t help borrowing it to headline this cover feature.

CY: Can you share some background on your golf journey and some of your top career highlights?
DF: I started playing golf as a kid and began taking formal lessons when I was about 12 years old and quickly found my love for the sport. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and went to study at the University of Texas, where I joined the golf team and hit the winning putt for the Longhorns’ first National Championship in 40 years. This was all back in 2012 when my career in golf really kicked off.

Soon after, I officially joined the PGA Tour in 2018, where I won the John Deere Classic in my rookie season and managed to make the FedEx Cup five years in a row. I went on to finish fifth at the Masters Tournament in 2020 and then again finished fifth at the Open Championship.

I returned in 2024 at the DP World Tour where I won the Bahrain Championship. It’s been an exciting few years to say the least, and I’m eager for what’s to come!

Tell us more about your partnership with Oakley and how that came to be.

A number of years ago, I got started with Oakley through a serendipitous conversation with the lead golf rep at the brand. I was searching for a new eyewear brand, and my dream as a kid was to be an Oakley sponsored athlete. Luckily for me, Oakley thought my style and brand fit their profile, and I was able to not only wear their eyewear but golf clothing too.

My partnership with Oakley has been instrumental in helping me excel in my golf career. I feel extremely comfortable on the course in Oakley’s product, which allows me to feel more confident and play at my best. I’m grateful for the support that Oakley has provided, and I’m excited for what’s to come from this partnership!

Oakley calls the new Sphaera and BiSphaera sunglass styles its “most forgettable eyewear yet,” with its almost weightless feel. Can you share how it feels when you are wearing the frame and how that affects your performance during play?
I can confirm that Oakley’s Sphaera and BiSphaera really do feel like the most forgettable eyewear yet. The first thing I noticed was how light they were. I hardly noticed I was wearing glasses during our first photo shoot and a couple times walked off set without returning the glasses!

Aside from the technical features, the eyewear has a sleek design for an added boost of confidence and better gameplay. I’m also currently waiting on a pair with my Rx included, but I haven’t been able to give them a full test run on the course. Excited to do so!

The Prizm lens technology in Oakley sunglasses is designed to enhance color and contrast to see more detail. How does this technology enhance your depth perception and performance as it relates to tracking the ball against different backgrounds, varying light conditions and ground contours?
I’ve dabbled in and out of different Prizm lenses for the last four years, but currently enjoy the darker golf version. The biggest difference the lens provides for me is discerning changes in color on the surface of the greens. This plays a pivotal role in the speed and direction change a ball will take on the green, with regard to the grain (direction the grass blades lay).

In general, a darker grass means the grain is coming toward you, while lighter shades mean the grass is going away from you. The clarity of the Prizm lenses allows me to discern this in a moment rather than crouching down and zooming in to see what direction the grass is growing.

Oakley is also known for their lifestyle eyewear for everyday activities. Do you wear any other Oakley styles for leisure or other activities?
If I’m wearing sunglasses, I’ll only be in Oakleys! Oakley’s lifestyle eyewear is great for everyday activities beyond the course. I specifically love my Oakley Holbrook Mix glasses. They have a classic look and house my Rx perfectly. But the most underrated glasses I have are Trillbe X normal glasses, which are on my face anywhere indoors—they’re so comfortable. In recent times, I’ve been wearing the latest version gaming glasses, NXTLVL while doing work on my laptop or watching TV, and they are definitely helping my vision and sleep by cutting some blue light.

The one piece of eyewear I have been dreaming of trying are the snow goggles. I need to find the time to finally take a ski or snowboard trip so I can complete my review of the Oakley range.

I’ll also be wearing Oakley apparel on the course, which again, not only looks fresh but offers comfort and performance features allowing me to play and feel my best. ■