March 2023 Business

Carolina Gago named Chief Operating Officer at IOT

IOT, a global leader in lens technologies, has appointed Carolina Gago as Chief Operating Officer. This appointment will strengthen the presence and coordination of IOT globally, ensuring that customers everywhere have the best access to all the company’s teams and resources.
December 2022 Business

Inside the 2023 Consumer’s Mind

As we look forward to 2023, it may be difficult to predict the mindset of eyewear consumers. According to a recent article in Forbes, How Will Consumer Behavior Change In 2023?, “2023 will be a jumble of mixed signals, reflecting a unique environment characterized by opposing forces: exuberance as the pandemic wanes, tempered by caution in the face of economic turbulence. In a nutshell, don’t expect consumers to be shy about spending in 2023. But expect them to be far pickier — seeking out fewer, richer experiences that blend the digital fluidity of the pandemic with the familiarity and intimacy of the times that came before.”
December 2022 Business

Welcome 2022 OAA Student Board Member, Jason Harfenist - New Jersey

I first heard about the OAA through school, Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey. Our professor, Dr. Thomas, has always urged us to be active in our state associations. He encouraged all of us to become OAA and state association members and to impart positive change within both our professions and communities.
November 2022 Business

Reengineering and Renovation - How Optical Labs Stay on the Cutting Edge

From VisionMonday
The term “work in progress” accurately defines most prescription optical laboratories. No matter how smoothly a lab may be running, there’s always something that needs updating or replacing, whether it’s adding a single piece of equipment, reengineering an entire production line or even building a whole facility. It’s an endless cycle of invention and reinvention, and labs must learn to adjust to it while continuing to service customers, a challenge which can be daunting for any business.
October 2022 Business

What Your Opticians Aren’t Telling You–that Could Be Costing You Thousands in Sales

From Review of Optometric Business

Opticians, like most employees, can be shy about pointing out areas of needed improvement to the boss, especially if those needed improvements require the boss to change their ways.  Mindi Lewis, MA, ABOC, FNAO, has some sage advice to share.  Many of the points likely echo the thoughts of your opticians, who may want to make these same suggestions, but haven’t felt comfortable enough to speak up about it.
October 2022 Business

A Look Behind the Curtain, Being President of The Opticians Association of America

“So, you’re the president of the OAA, what’s that like?” is a question I come across often. At first, I wasn’t sure how to answer this question and I had to really sit and think about it. And after a good bit of reflection I think I’ve got an answer.
September 2022 Business

It’s Office Manager/Administrator Appreciation Month in October

CareCredit, a leading provider of promotional financing, is officially launching Office Manager/Administrator Appreciation Month on October 1, 2022. Providers, teams and especially office managers and administrators are invited to celebrate and recognize everything these #AwesomeOMAs do for their teams, patients and practices.
June 2022 Business

The Sunnier Side of the Transaction

As opticians, we take pride in knowing that the needs and wants of the patient are met and executed successfully. Sometimes that can mean multiple pairs of eyewear, or unforeseen services or treatments the patient wasn’t expecting. When I read Linda Conlin’s continuing education article, “Easy Steps to More Eyecare, Eyewear, and Patient Satisfaction,” I was excited to see this subject addressed. With a flexible payment option like Sunbit, the patient doesn’t have to think about what they may need to sacrifice because they don’t have the funds available that day. And the optician can feel more confident discussing solutions to all the visual challenges the patient is facing.
June 2022 Business

Johnson & Johnson Vision Makes Key Changes to Product Manufacturing and Packaging as it Increases Commitment to Sustainability

From Vision Monday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Johnson & Johnson Vision, which works to help people around the world see better, connect better and live better, said it understands the value in extending this commitment to ensure it supports the health of the planet as well. “After all, it takes a healthy planet to have healthy people and communities,” the company noted in a recent LinkedIn post coinciding with World Earth Day (April 22). In addition, J&J Vision said that it has made two important changes to the way some products are made and distributed to benefit the planet.
November 2021 Business

Opticians Association of America November Newsletter

It's the time of year to reflect on the many things we are thankful for... 
As opticians, we can look to our profession for some of these:
• Job Security- Opticians are in high demand throughout the country 
• Easy Access to Certification- ABO-NCLE has made certification much more accessible. 
• Resilience- Many opticians fared very well during the pandemic, and many have never been busier. 
• Strong Leadership - Nationally and locally, opticians maintain strong leadership, which offers support and protection.