August 2020 Business

Pro to Pro Editor, Deborah Kotob, Nominated for MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN OPTICAL

2020 Magazine is pleased to announce that our own Pro to Pro Editor, Deborah Kotob, was nominated in the Mentor category for MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN OPTICAL BY Vision Monday Magazine
July 2020 Retail Strategies

Things I’ll Take with Me

It certainly felt like the earth shifted on its axis on or about March 13th, 2020. For me, that was the date that my business came to a screeching halt and my worries about the health and safety of my clients, my employees, and my family shot through the roof. 
July 2020 Business

Looking East Again

Earlier this month, The Vision Council and Reed Exhibitions, organizers of Vision Expo, announced the decision to cancel Vision Expo West 2020, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 23-26.
June 2020 Business

No Ruler – No Gadgets – No Contact

When is a mirror more than a mirror? When it’s Spark Mi Up, a new device that allows ECPs to take all measurements for glasses in about 60 seconds with just a few clicks, from Shamir Insight Inc.
April 2020 Retail Strategies

Lessons From a Survivor: CALM

My name is Brian Boddy and I am going to share some business tips/skills for surviving the current crisis we find ourselves facing. I survived the financial crisis of 2008, and these are some of the valuable lessons I learned that helped me rebound.
April 2020 Retail Strategies

Essential or Nonessential: That is the Question

In efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, 46 states and Washington, D.C. had closed what are deemed to be nonessential businesses as of April 3. The designation of essential versus nonessential businesses, however, varies from state to state.
April 2020 Business

How Can We Help?

It's unbelievable what can change in just a month...  Certainly, the COVID-19 crisis has impacted us all, and unfortunately, it's not done yet.
February 2020 Business

Ohio: The Comeback Kid

In 2017, the Opticians Association of Ohio was in crisis when the Ohio Optical Dispensers Board (Ohio’s opticianry licensing board) was voted out of existence and replaced by the Ohio Vision Professionals Board.
January 2020 Business

To Tell the Truth

“You can fool all the people some of the time and some people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time,” is a saying often attributed to Abraham (Honest Abe) Lincoln. It’s something well worth remembering in our dealings with patients. 
January 2020 Business

Seeing The Patient’s Perspective

I get it, you’re busy. You’ve ordered about 20 jobs just this morning, you’ve got a line of patients who are waiting for you to adjust and dispense their eyewear, and about four voicemails to return when you do happen to have a minute. I get it because I’m busy too.