Parting Glance

February 2017 Parting Glance

September 2005.

January 2017 Parting Glance

Shades as Shelter from the Storm

Yes, the hair is certainly iconic...
December 2016 Parting Glance

Art of the Frame

Matsuda has created a very limited...
November 2016 Parting Glance

Eye Rockin’

Time for an “editorial takeover” with an eyewear designer for this one. —JJS
October 2016 Parting Glance

Golden Eye

Choice players on the 20/20 team...
September 2016 Parting Glance

Taking a Vacation Blake

So how did you spend YOUR summer vacation?
August 2016 Parting Glance

Seeing Through the Eyes of All Children

Every generation seems to believe it is THEIR age that truly embraces...