Here’s an enduring partnership to finish up our issue. Five years ago, eyewear designer Nico Roseillier was taking his family to the Joshua Tree Desert for a vacation. Knowing his wife Marissa’s bounty of talent for photography, we asked if there was the chance of a small photo shoot on children’s eyewear featuring their sons Jude and Jagger.

The resulting portraits were so wonderful we decided to save one for a cover of our September 15, 2017 Seller’s Guide set for Vision Expo West. It was our first-ever show issue pronouncing the importance of kids in proper eyewear. And when it came time to put some special effort into this year’s KidzBiz supplement and some added photos of support in this July/August double issue, we again looked to Marissa for more of her magical imaging. And Nico did a creative assist on the formula with the colored smoke backgrounds enhancing the shots.

And the partnership started right here with this cover of Jagger rocking eyewear then… as now. All of the Roseilliers hitch up so well with 20/20.

–James J. Spina