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No One Is an Island

Our digitally-amped world is shrinking. Events far beyond traditional borders are touching people and companies, and a courageous few are tackling the causes and effects of those events. They, in effect, have resurrected the John Donne missive (“No man is an island, entire of itself...Any man’s [loss] diminishes me because I am involved in mankind”) and transformed it into a 21st century mantra.

Universal Design of Learning

Most of you are probably looking at the title thinking, “What does this have to do with Opticianry?” Well, I will explain. Several years ago, I landed an amazing opportunity to teach Opticianry at Goodwin College. I still pinch myself every day and tell my students I am the lucky one to have to the opportunity to share what I know and have learned with them. That said, we don’t often think about the educational aspect of how many of us have become opticians. It is my job to teach students to become opticians, therefore, I must understand how students learn. Last year, I participated in the Goodwin College Universal Design for Learning project, funded through a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation which gave me an opportunity to improve our students’ learning.

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