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Jobs at the Speed of Light: High-Efficiency Ordering with VisionWeb

During my second year as an optician, our office signed up with a lab to handle a particular type of specialty job. This lab was considered one of the best in the Continental United States for handling this specific order, and came highly recommended to us by a number of frame reps and experienced opticians. Their testimonials were backed up by the jobs we got back: They were well made, the lab had a quick turnaround time, and we had a high satisfaction rate with our patients. There was only one drawback: The lab required paper orders to be filled out by hand.

Take Me To Your Leader…Mentoring in The Real World

Today’s Optical marketplace is changing at lighting speed. And while I’m sure this isn’t news to you, what you may be missing is that there is a tremendous opportunity to help mentor the new generation of Optical Professionals who are entering the field. I’ve been in this field for almost 20 years and I can tell you that as a young Optician, I relied heavily on the expertise of those around me. And still to this day when I find myself in a situation that is new to me I reach out often to people who have mentored me over the years.

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