Artist of the Lens

January 2016 Artist of the Lens

Fighting Smudges, One Lens at a Time

L&T chats with Nanofilm president Krish Rao.
September 2015 Artist of the Lens

Younger at Heart

L&T chats with Younger Optics’ president and CEO David Rips.
March 2015 Artist of the Lens

A Specialist Who Truly SpecialEYEzes

Essilor SL Lab’s Leonel Pereira helps those with high correction needs regain vision and independence.
September 2014 Artist of the Lens

Bringing Photography and Ophthalmic Lenses into Focus

Renee Wheelock was about 11 years old when her parents bought her a camera, “a popular instamatic film camera with a square flashbulb...
March 2014 Artist of the Lens

The Art of Science

BPI is one of the most recognized brands in the optical industry. But even if you haven’t heard of it, you have probably used some of its products. Under the direction...
December 2013 Artist of the Lens

Job Too Tough? Call In ‘The Specialist’

Full service wholesale labs can usually handle about 99.5 percent to 99.8 percent of the jobs they are sent. The remaining 0.2...
September 2013 Artist of the Lens

Finishing Touch

Gerard Santinelli started working at Santinelli International in high school, sweeping the floors...
May 2013 Artist of the Lens

Vantage Point Man

In 2012, Transitions Optical launched Vantage, a new type of adaptive lens that offered wearers...
March 2013 Artist of the Lens

A Definite Edge

Robert J. Wallner is one of a small number of highly skilled opticians who luxury frame manufacturers...

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