May 2021 Eyewear and Trends

The Art of Children’s Eyewear

The importance of children’s eye health cannot be underestimated. As eye care professionals, we must promote this in our everyday practices. It is imperative to educate parents to provide their children with comprehensive eye examinations at an early age. As we know, this is vital for a child’s early development. Incorporating wall signage in eye care practices and promoting children’s eye health on social media platforms offer great ways to capture the attention of parents. This, in turn, will provide essential eye care for children of all ages.
May 2021 Frames

Luxury Eyewear: Quality Over Quantity

Optical practices should welcome the idea of selling high-end luxury eyewear. The bigger price tags do not necessarily scare customers away, but rather tend to lure them in. Yes, understanding your clientele, practice location, and market certainly is a huge factor in this endeavor. Providing luxury and high-end eyewear and services in your practice, however, means larger revenue and happier customers. The rewards in doing so for any optical establishment outweigh any risks and provide a superior store reputation.
May 2021 Frames

Becoming Friends with Frames

When it’s time to find new glasses, patients either are ecstatic or dread the journey. I’ve compiled a few basic tips to help your shoppers find their perfect pair. I found that it’s better to sit with patients first and discuss the nature of their lenses prior to letting them choose frames. Without any optical insight, they are simply choosing based on cosmetic appeal. You want your patients to come back and pick up their new pair with enthusiasm when they put them on.