June 2018 Frames

Adventures in Eavesdropping: Frame Selection

I’m technically cheating with this entry in “Adventures in Eavesdropping,” since there technically wasn’t any eavesdropping involved, but it’s a continuation of the observations I’ve made in that miniseries. I recently discovered an absolutely charming little street near where I live in Texas that used to be a residential neighborhood, but whose houses have been converted into small businesses.
May 2018 Frames

By Design

March 2018 Frames

They’d Make a Nice Couple

As always, Vision Expo East was exciting with so much to see in product and services, as well as catching up with colleagues. Two new products really grabbed my attention, though, and I wonder if they might make the perfect combination for truly unique and custom eyewear. They are 3D printed frames and 3D printed lenses.
March 2018 Frames

Spring Ahead