November 2018 Eyewear

Starting the Conversation

A win for the patient is a win for the practice! The sports protective eyewear conversation is fundamental to quality patient care, but it’s also a practice builder that increases patient loyalty and provides a new revenue stream.
November 2018 Eyewear

Passion for Fashion

I was eight years old when I put on my first pair of glasses. Dozens of colors all around me, plastic and square, metal and hexagonal. Except mine were metal and burgundy and I remember I hated wearing those round frames. When I look back at my frame choices over the past 15 years my first thought is, “who let me walk out of the optical shop like that?!” More and more questions surfaced once I started working in the optical field.
October 2018 Eyewear

Design with a Purpose: Form, Function and Philosophy

I have to admit, for a large chunk of my opticianry career, I did not devote enough attention to how ophthalmic eyeglass frames are designed, produced, their material make-up, or the company behind the product. My husband is an engineer by profession, and the way he would hold a frame and examine the hinges, the mechanics, the design, sparked an interest in me. To learn more, I took the CE Why You Should Know How Frames Are Made, where I discovered the complexity and artistry involved in making quality frames.
December 2017 Eyewear

Why Not Cheap Sunglasses?

Winter is here, and even with shorter days, many consumers understand that sunglasses aren’t just for summer. But why do non-prescription sunglass wearers like to challenge eyecare professionals by asking if there really is a difference between expensive and inexpensive sunglasses? The question is almost always accompanied by that “gotcha” look. It seems as though they think that because they don’t need vision correction, they can spend as little as possible, and gain a bargain unavailable to prescription lens wearers. I’ve found, however, that precisely because they don’t wear glasses, emmetropes know very little about sun lenses.