February 2019 Eyewear

Optical Sleuthing: Max Zorin’s Glasses in A View to a Kill

My friend Phil Nobile, Jr., is probably one of the most interesting people I know. The current editor-in-chief of the venerable horror movie magazine Fangoria, he’s also worked as a journalist, TV and film producer, and—most pertinent to this article—he’s one of the world’s foremost experts on the world of James Bond, having written dozens of critical and scholarly articles on the film and book series. So it was no small honor when Phil recently sought me out to help him solve a personal Bond mystery—what frames does Christopher Walken wear in his role as Max Zorin, the villain of Roger Moore’s final film in the franchise, A View to a Kill?
February 2019 Eyewear

Malcolm X Glasses

January 2019 Eyewear

Eyewear Sends a Message

Selecting eyewear is a deeply personal decision. Unlike shoes, also personal, that are often hidden under a desk or table or long pants, eyeglasses are right there in front of your face – the first thing someone else notices. Personal taste is an extension of personality, whether quiet and conservative or outgoing and flamboyant, and eyewear choices usually follow that extension. But what else do glasses say to others?
November 2018 Eyewear

Starting the Conversation

A win for the patient is a win for the practice! The sports protective eyewear conversation is fundamental to quality patient care, but it’s also a practice builder that increases patient loyalty and provides a new revenue stream.
November 2018 Eyewear

Passion for Fashion

I was eight years old when I put on my first pair of glasses. Dozens of colors all around me, plastic and square, metal and hexagonal. Except mine were metal and burgundy and I remember I hated wearing those round frames. When I look back at my frame choices over the past 15 years my first thought is, “who let me walk out of the optical shop like that?!” More and more questions surfaced once I started working in the optical field.
October 2018 Eyewear

Design with a Purpose: Form, Function and Philosophy

I have to admit, for a large chunk of my opticianry career, I did not devote enough attention to how ophthalmic eyeglass frames are designed, produced, their material make-up, or the company behind the product. My husband is an engineer by profession, and the way he would hold a frame and examine the hinges, the mechanics, the design, sparked an interest in me. To learn more, I took the CE Why You Should Know How Frames Are Made, where I discovered the complexity and artistry involved in making quality frames.