March 2017 Education


Recently my friend Melanie sent me a text asking where I’d gotten my glasses. I’m currently wearing—yes, it’s true, I’m sorry—the same pair I’ve worn for three years now, and she’d been admiring them for a bit, and decided they might be the pair for her. After all, weren’t they from that website that donates a pair of frames for every one you buy? Aesthetics aside, that was what really sold her—not only would she get a style she liked, but it would also help someone else, and she likes to help charitable organizations whenever possible.
August 2016 Eyewear

Go Back to School…Vegas Style

Vision Expo is right around the corner. Hopefully you’ve already made your travel plans. Next on the agenda is your strategy. What do you want to accomplish while you’re there? From courses to the exhibit hall, events to parties, and let’s not forget the night life, a few days in Vegas may feel like a whirlwind. Take full advantage of the many opportunities by planning ahead: register for classes, note which companies you want to see, and schedule appointments when possible.

June 2016 Eyewear

Period Authenticity: X Men Missed It On The Eyewear

Hey, you know what Optician's Handbook hasn't had in a while? One of those painstakingly nitpicky articles where I fixate on a pair of frames in popular culture and dissect every element of it. Those are fun, right? Well, at least it’ll give you a conversation starter with your patients.

June 2016 Eyewear

Let the Sun Shine In

Summer has finally arrived and always brings a fresh look at love, life and most importantly, our sunwear collection. There are certain undeniable cycles in our profession; sunwear in the spring, back to school promotions in late summer, and then the mad dash to take care of patients wanting to spend flex dollars in the last month of the year. But did you know that there is only one product you offer that you only need to sell once, and it will return an annuity to your practice?

March 2016 Eyewear

The Real Deal: The Sunglasses of Mad Men

For some people reading this, I probably just blew their mind. For too many years, “quality,” “authenticity,” and “craftsmanship” have all been synonymous with “money.” On one end of the spectrum there are the designer labels—the established brand names that’ve become enshrined in the public consciousness as signifiers of taste and good engineering. Mercedes. Gucci. Coach. Prada. Rolex.
October 2015 Eyewear

Protecting Your Investment, How to Care For Your Eyeglasses

So, you’ve just helped your patient choose the most beautiful, technologically advanced, perfect pair of eyewear. You’ve adjusted them to fit like a glove, and you’re ready to send your patient out into the world with this new optical masterpiece. Here’s the question, have you properly prepared this patient for all that is waiting for them in the real world? Not sure what information is imperative? Let me help.

October 2015 Eyewear

Renting Prescription Sunglasses?

Many things are now being marketed and sold on a subscription basis – software, Netflix and more. And now . . . Prescription eyeglasses. I was stunned to see the advertisement in the Pure Wow on line newsletter I receive daily.

September 2015 Eyewear

Plano Sunwear Sales: Take Eight Steps to Success

Selling plano sunwear poses a set of challenges. You must educate patients on why they should buy plano sunwear--and why they should buy it from you. The best approach is a team effort.
April 2014 Eyewear

Assessing Risk for the Child Athlete, Part Two

Probably the toughest part of our job is communicating the importance of the right outdoor eyewear and sport eyewear to parents. Fitting children offers a unique sales problem.
March 2014 Eyewear

Assessing Risk for the Child Athlete, Part One

When it comes to sport eyewear, we must consult the American Society for Testing and Materials. Founded in 1898, the ASTM is responsible for testing and developing safety standards for numerous product groups, including sport and safety eyewear.