October 2023 Eyewear

Reduced Thickness

May 2023 Eyewear

For a Person with Developmental Disabilities

For a person with developmental disabilities, maximizing learning potential is crucial, and as eye care professionals, we play an essential role in facilitating this endeavor. For those with cognitive delays, achieving the best visual acuity is imperative, as refractive errors exacerbate quality of life and hamper their ability to reach their true potential.
March 2023 Eyewear

eyeOs Eyewear introduces model Pocket - Fun - Folding – Compact

A pure Titanium folding half-eye, Pocket features a proprietary folding design engineered to impress. The hinges of Pocket’s foldable temples and bridge are milled (not soldered) from pure titanium for the same toughness and strength for which this amazing metal is renowned. The elemental luster of titanium imbues a distinct and beautiful finish. And the fun, folding, compact Pocket frames are ultra-lightweight, less than 11 grams, hypoallergenic, biocompatible, and corrosion-resistant.
December 2022 Eyewear

The Quality of Luxury: Why It’s Time to Encourage Patients to buy Luxury Eyewear

It’s time to convince your patients to spend money on luxury eyewear. Yes, we’re coming out of holiday season, and we’ve probably spent a lot on gifts; and, well, look at the economy. But these are precisely the reasons that it’s time to invest more in eyewear, not less, and take the leap to some luxury brands. The thinking may seem counterintuitive, but, in an age of aggressive branding, the omnipotence of influencer culture, and enough conspicuous consumption to make Alex P. Keaton feel uncomfortable, there’s an element to luxury eyewear that many wearers forget: quality. While many individuals may feel that they’re spending money on a name, it’s important to remind them that those names bring with them hallmarks of engineering, design, and longevity.

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