March 2023 Eyewear

eyeOs Eyewear introduces model Pocket - Fun - Folding – Compact

A pure Titanium folding half-eye, Pocket features a proprietary folding design engineered to impress. The hinges of Pocket’s foldable temples and bridge are milled (not soldered) from pure titanium for the same toughness and strength for which this amazing metal is renowned. The elemental luster of titanium imbues a distinct and beautiful finish. And the fun, folding, compact Pocket frames are ultra-lightweight, less than 11 grams, hypoallergenic, biocompatible, and corrosion-resistant.
December 2022 Eyewear

The Quality of Luxury: Why It’s Time to Encourage Patients to buy Luxury Eyewear

It’s time to convince your patients to spend money on luxury eyewear. Yes, we’re coming out of holiday season, and we’ve probably spent a lot on gifts; and, well, look at the economy. But these are precisely the reasons that it’s time to invest more in eyewear, not less, and take the leap to some luxury brands. The thinking may seem counterintuitive, but, in an age of aggressive branding, the omnipotence of influencer culture, and enough conspicuous consumption to make Alex P. Keaton feel uncomfortable, there’s an element to luxury eyewear that many wearers forget: quality. While many individuals may feel that they’re spending money on a name, it’s important to remind them that those names bring with them hallmarks of engineering, design, and longevity.
November 2022 Eyewear

Celebrating Sunglasses for the Season...Winter!

Winter is creeping up on us this year and it’s the perfect time to shop for sunglasses. Throughout my career, it’s deeply disappointing when someone’s quick to dismiss the subject of sun protection. Some have never worn sunglasses or shy away because lenses are dark, heavy, or bothersome, the list is lengthy. There are patients in disbelief when they learn that wearing sunglasses throughout winter is just as important as during other seasons.
November 2022 Eyewear

Sustainability and Eyewear Consumer Expectations

As frame and lens experts, we know that plastics are the most commonly used eyewear materials. How can our industry address its impact on our environment and the expectations of the modern eyewear consumer? An Industry Report from Villa Eyewear, “Is your eyecare practice ready to meet the moment? An ECP’s guide to climate change & consumer expectations,” has some answers.
September 2022 Eyewear

Ultimate Partners

The key to a solid foundation in any relationship is a successful partnership. That partnership needs to be continuously nurtured and strengthened especially in the face of challenges that may arise. The 20/20 edit team relies on each other for mutual support and the creative exchange of ideas and insights, and in collaboration with our sales, marketing, production and creative services teams, we’re able to deliver our renowned content every month. Our success is also jointly attributed to our industry partners and our devoted readers, and we continue to cherish these partnerships. Once again, we dedicated our July/August double issue to what it takes and means to work together.
July 2022 Eyewear

3 Eyewear Styling Strategies Proven to Increase Multi-Pair Sales 70%

From Review of Optometric Business

Implementing a systematic eyewear styling experience is a proven strategy to make a practice more productive, increase capture rate and drive friends and family referrals. Here is how to create and implement this approach to working with patients in your optical.
July 2022 Eyewear

The Big Vision - A Tribute to Leonardo Del Vecchio

Word of Leonardo Del Vecchio’s passing on June 27, 2022, sent ripples through our trade. Leonardo left his indelible mark on the optical industry, and his influence will continue long into the future. We know him as the visionary who built the optical empire Luxottica from scratch. Leonardo’s extraordinary and legendary business acumen stewarded the growth of Luxottica into the largest frame manufacturer and retailer and Rx lens retailer in the world. The merging of Luxottica with Essilor combined the strength of the largest frame manufacturer and retailer and Rx eyeglass provider worldwide with the world leader in corrective lenses. This was a dream come true for Del Vecchio. During the merger announcement, he is quoted as saying, “…my dream to create a major global player in the eyewear industry, fully integrated and excellent in all its parts, comes finally true,” https://www.luxuo.com.
June 2022 Eyewear

Sneaky Sunlight

Summer is the best time to be outdoors and soak up the glorious sunshine and warmth in the air! I’m eager to listen to the hobbies and activities everyone has planned this summer so I can encourage proper eyewear routines. Life seems to be getting back to somewhat normal since the Covid-19 outbreak, but even though the world slowed down for a bit, the sun never did. Here are some of the basics for sun protection and how conversation is effective for selling sunglasses to promote self-care. I’ll touch on skincare habits for comparison to increase awareness about the need for sun protection.
May 2022 Eyewear

Considering Online Specs: Part 2

Previously, I discussed some of the advantages of buying eyeglasses from an optical versus online. In NJ, our standards are strict, and we don’t hesitate to remake glasses if they were made incorrectly. Opticians are trained to thoroughly inspect eyewear including the quality, prescription, and appearance of any given order. We guarantee that the patient is getting the quality they paid for.
April 2022 Eyewear

Sport Eyewear

Spring is here with summer just around the corner, and, especially with COVID restrictions relaxing, that means a major thing for parents: the return of sports activities. For many parents of child athletes, it’ll be a comforting return to normalcy as their children resume the activities that were a source of so much joy before the pandemic; other parents will find themselves making the foray into athletics for the first time. Adults, too, will be making a happy return to competitive sports, finally free of the masks, distancing, and strictures that’ve hampered them these past two years. As everyone returns to the playing field, it’s important to remember one key component of athletic safety: proper eyewear.