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Accredited CE Courses

Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Converting WOW to WOM!

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 5/1/2019
Grantor: COSTA
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level I
Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Materially Tuned Photochromic

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 4/15/2019
Grantor: Mitsui Chemicals
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Engineering an Experience

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 11/23/2021
Level: 1 Hour - General Knowledge
Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Eyes Right!: An Overview of Prism Use in Eyewear

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 12/19/2022
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Frames, Design and Use, Dispensing Skills

Why You Should Know How Frames Are Made

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 12/11/2022
Grantor: MODO
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level III
Dispensing Skills

The Science Behind Color Enhancement - Part 1

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 10/23/2019
Level: 1 Hour - General Knowledge

20/20's Resource for Education


Now THAT’s Progress!

In the March edition of 20/20 Magazine, we saw “Doing the Math for Haiti,” the story of Bruce Tooker, an optician who traveled to Haiti with volunteers from Medical Aid to Haiti (MATH). We read about how Tooker was responsible for the vision care needs of nearly 500 people in very challenging conditions, over the course of two trips. Tooker described the difficulties people who were living in remote areas faced in obtaining even the most basic vision care, and his desire to expand the program in spite of very limited resources.

Healthy Eating Equals Healthy Eyes

It is well known that exercising and discontinuing bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol will help us live a healthier life. Eating healthy foods is a big part of that healthy lifestyle. Not only will it improve your overall health, but there are some vitamins and minerals that can have a direct effect on healthier vision.

We Need to Change With the Times

Raise your hand if you remember needing a pattern to edge lenses. How about heat-treating glass lenses? If you didn’t raise your hand, no worries: we have come a long way these last twenty years. As with any industry, change is inevitable and necessary; the optical industry is no different. In order to keep up, however, the classroom must also change to meet the industry standards.
Retail Strategies

Get Excited!

When I was new to this field, a mentor told me that when people asked him what opticians did, his answer was, “Opticians make people happy.” Doesn’t that really sum up what we do? We help people to see better and look better, and that makes them happy. That’s something we should all be excited about.

Boring Classes? Not Here!

Recently, I participated in the Goodwin College Universal Design for Learning project, funded through a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation that gave me the opportunity to improve our students’ learning. Well, not only do I implement what I have learned in the classroom,I also have utilized these improvements when teaching at the national level.