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Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Protecting Our Amazing Eyes

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 7/1/2019
Grantor: I Coat
Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Why You Don’t Want Homonymous Hemianopsia and What You Can do for it

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 2/16/2023
Level: 1 Hour - General Knowledge
Contact Lenses

Therapeutic Contact Lenses and Beyond

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 4/13/2023
Level: 1 Hour - General Knowledge
Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Converting WOW to WOM!

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 5/1/2019
Grantor: COSTA
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level I
Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Materially Tuned Photochromic

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 4/15/2019
Grantor: Mitsui Chemicals
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Dispensing Skills, Lens Material, Design or Treatment

Engineering an Experience

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 11/23/2021
Level: 1 Hour - General Knowledge

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A Little Girl’s Glasses

There have been several times when working as a scribe, I have seen some very interesting cases. One in particular stands out in my mind. We had a young patient come in for her eye exam; she was about 7 years old. Her mother said she was a good student for the most part, but had some trouble with reading and was in Title 1 reading assistance. She was a very sweet and curious girl who had abundant questions about all the equipment and all the staff. The young girl did not seem to have issues with distance because her mom said she could see signs farther away than mom could, but she was not reading well and was behind in school. After the doctor’s exam, she was prescribed reading glasses. The doctor prescribed a pediatric bifocal so the child would wear them all the time and not have to remember to take them on and off for reading. The girl was excited! She really wanted glasses just like her friends in school, which is actually quite common among the kids in the area.

Vacation Preparation—Protect Your Eyes from Sunburn

It’s that time of year for a huge increase in vacationers. Many people will be heading to the beach and to other outdoor activities. One of the biggest concerns while enjoying the outdoors is preventing sunburn. The first thought is protecting your skin with diverse types of sunscreen, but not many people realize that your eyes can get sunburn just like your skin. This is a temporary, but painful condition that can be prevented with a little preparation.

Adventures in Eavesdropping: Frame Selection

I’m technically cheating with this entry in “Adventures in Eavesdropping,” since there technically wasn’t any eavesdropping involved, but it’s a continuation of the observations I’ve made in that miniseries. I recently discovered an absolutely charming little street near where I live in Texas that used to be a residential neighborhood, but whose houses have been converted into small businesses.
Doing Good

No One Is an Island

Our digitally-amped world is shrinking. Events far beyond traditional borders are touching people and companies, and a courageous few are tackling the causes and effects of those events. They, in effect, have resurrected the John Donne missive (“No man is an island, entire of itself...Any man’s [loss] diminishes me because I am involved in mankind”) and transformed it into a 21st century mantra.