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Accredited CE Courses

Dispensing Skills, Lens UV Screenign Technology

Making the Invisible Visible - Demonstrating UV Protection to Patients

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 7/1/2020
Grantor: Zeiss Vision Care
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Dispensing Skills, Merchandising

Creating an Experience

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 6/1/2020
Grantor: De Rigo Rem
Level: 1 Hour - General Knowledge
Technology, Dispensing Skills, Practice Management

Steps to Enrich the Customer Experience

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 6/14/2023
Level: 1 Hour - General Knowledge
Contact Lens, Eye Health

Check Your Eye Development IQ

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 3/14/2022
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Dispensing Skills, Lenses

Triple Defense For Healthy Eyes

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 4/30/2020
Grantor: Hoya
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Dispensing Skills, Lenses

UV Before Blue – Prioritizing Light Protection for the Eyes

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 4/1/2020
Grantor: Zeiss, Inc.
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II

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Innovations in Technology: Acuvue Oasys with Transition Light Intelligence Technology

Every year there are new contact lenses that become available; spherical, torics, and multifocals. This gives practitioners many options to find the best fit and visual options for our patients. Recently, a new option has become available. These lenses are the first of their kind. Acuvue Oasys with Transition Light Technology. These are the same Acuvue Oasys contacts we fit, same great fit, same great comfort, but with a photochromic filter.

Bicentric Grinding

Bicentric grinding, also known as slab-off, is used to correct vertical imbalance. Typically, slab- off can be used to correct vertical imbalance over 1.5 diopters. Bicentric grinding means we are creating two optical centers on a lens. ‘Bi’ meaning two, and ‘centric’ meaning center. Bicentric grinding or slab-off is used to neutralize an unwanted prismatic effect caused by unequal refractive errors. Slab-off can be either conventional or reverse. Conventional slab-off is added to the front surface, lower part of the lens, and reverse slab-off is added to the rear surface, lower part of the lens.
Retail Strategies

Branding from the OAA Newsletter

What is branding? According to the Entrepreneur Small Business Encyclopedia, “your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.”

Certification Matters

Opticianry is a profession in which licensure varies among the states. Some states offer apprenticeship, licensure or a combination of the two. Some states recognize the gold standard for certification in our profession for licensure or registry: National Opticianry Competency Examination (NOCE) that is related to spectacles, and the Contact Lens Registry Examination (CLRE). Both are administered by the American Board of Opticianry and the National Contact Lens Examiners (ABO/NCLE). Some states have neither apprenticeship nor licensure.
Retail Strategies

Fun is Contagious

It feels like I’m seeing a lot of news coverage about the measles outbreak these days, and instead of spending time being worried about that, I decided to think about something way more pleasant and also equally contagious: fun! I spend a lot of time in airports and I like to watch and notice people’s habits. Human behavior is on full display during the boarding process. Normally I like to watch the gate agent call out which zone is currently boarding and see how many people nudged in front of others to get to the front of the line to board the plane.