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Accredited CE Courses

Dispensing Skills, Lenses

UV Before Blue – Prioritizing Light Protection for the Eyes

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 4/1/2020
Grantor: Zeiss, Inc.
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Dispensing Skills, Frame Technology

The Many Material Benefits of Titanium Eyewear

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 5/1/2019
Grantor: Charmant
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level I
Dispensing Skills, Eye Health, Lenses

Sensity Dark and Shine – Expanding Opportunity in the Photochromic Market

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 3/31/2020
Grantor: HOYA Vision
Contact Lens, Eye Health

Nutrition and Vision

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 12/1/2021
Dispensing Skills, Lenses

Shooting Straight: Designing Glasses for Shooting Sports Enthusiast

1.00 Credit • 14.99 • Expires 11/6/2021
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II
Dispensing Skills

Designed to Match Your Visual Age

1.00 Credit • FREE • Expires 1/31/2020
Grantor: Shamir Optical
Level: 1 Hour - Technical - Level II

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It’s Save Your Vision Month

As Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs), we find ourselves in the position of “fixing” vision problems after they’ve been diagnosed. Glasses, contact lenses, vision therapy and more come out of our toolbox to help those who can no longer see clearly. But, with a nod to an old saying, what can we do to fix it before it’s broke?

HOYA the Proud Sponsor of NFOS College Bowl 2019 - Vision Expo East

Come and lend your enthusiasm to this year's fun and friendly NFOS College Bowl competition. Show your support and cheer for the student contestants representing their Opticianry School. Twelve students from NFOS member Opticianry schools compete in this rapid-fire quiz competition.

Titanium – A High Tech Material for High Performance Frames

When we think about titanium frames, Charmant is the first name to come to mind. Now a leading multi-national corporation for fashionable eyewear products, Charmant (the name means “charming”) began its journey of innovation from more humble roots. Let’s follow the journey from small manufacturer to globally recognized producer of quality and cutting-edge design titanium eyewear.