Retail Strategies

March 2017 Retail Design

An Architect's POV

Architect Jack Verdon puts out a plan for your optical declaration of independence.
January 2017 Retail Design

We Return for Some Eye Candy

Eyes on Broadway: An upscale optical shop proves family does it best.
November 2016 Retail Design

The Art of Eyewear

Art of Optiks: A luxury eyewear retailer genuinely focuses on the significance of handmade and independent eyewear.
October 2016 Retail Design

Off the Charts

Alpine Vision Center: Staying Kristen Spinacompetitive with an extreme emphasis on patient satisfaction.
July 2016 Retail Design

With Artists’ Eyes

Dr. Gary Tracy Optometry and Eyewear: Providing clear vision to a creative clientele
June 2016 Visual Merchandising

Are You Using Your Silent Sales People? Sales-Propelling Displays

Display and window designs are called “silent sales people” in the retail world and they are used to communicate a message, form a visual image of a business, “invite” patients in and call attention to eyewear and other products. Looking outside our industry we know that well designed displays and windows propel sales. It is more than worth the time and investment to create optical displays that have an impact and draw patients into your dispensary.