Retail Strategies

May 2021 Retail Strategies

Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth advertising begins with our attitudes. The attitudes of each of us are based on our likes and dislikes and are expressed in our words, our actions, and our behavior. Some of these attitudes become habits, some of which are helpful, but some are harmful to us, the people we work with, and the patients we greet and serve. The eye care professional can analyze these attitudes and try to eliminate those that are inappropriate.
May 2021 Frames

Luxury Eyewear: Quality Over Quantity

Optical practices should welcome the idea of selling high-end luxury eyewear. The bigger price tags do not necessarily scare customers away, but rather tend to lure them in. Yes, understanding your clientele, practice location, and market certainly is a huge factor in this endeavor. Providing luxury and high-end eyewear and services in your practice, however, means larger revenue and happier customers. The rewards in doing so for any optical establishment outweigh any risks and provide a superior store reputation.
April 2021 Retail Strategies

Safety is in the Eye of the Beholder

There’s always an opportunity to improve someone’s daily life. I know many of my patients can relate when I mention my career and hobbies consume the bulk of my time. This usually leads to my curiosity about whether they are wearing the appropriate eyewear for both. I discovered how many ‘almost lost my vision’ stories came up. People suffer eye injuries from using improper eyewear or not using anything altogether. Scrapes and scratches on the cornea are extremely common (and painful by the way) but the good news is it is all preventable! Safety glasses over prescription glasses, protective goggles or face shields are protection for those precious eyes. There are a variety of safety glasses that can be worn over prescription glasses as well.
March 2021 Retail Strategies

Survival Guide: COVID Edition

The pandemic is still here, but it hasn’t stopped people from needing eyewear. Business has been non-stop with high demand for eye exams, contacts, and glasses. In a busy location like mine I learned some strategies to help me get through hectic times while managing COVID.
February 2021 Retail Strategies

Hey Opticians!

Did you know that the OAA is opening the Guild to individual opticians? Being an independent optician doesn't mean you have to go it alone. The purpose of the Guild is to unite Independent Opticians and use their collective voice to strengthen their position in the marketplace. The Guild was formed in 1926 to establish the highest-level skill set for opticianry that an office could attain. To be a member of the Guild meant your office had met the strictest standard achievable.
February 2021 Retail Strategies

We Need PRO Opticians

What are the most common complaints from consumers about their experiences in optical shops? According to an article in Consumers’ Checkbook in April 2020, “complaints usually relate to second-rate customer service—rude salespeople, long waits, indifferent advice—and high prices.” The article continues, “But many things can go wrong when buying glasses: Lenses can be positioned wrong or be defective. Opticians and optometrists must understand a slew of complex matters including matching your lenses to your eyes, fitting frames to your face (the contour of your nose is critical) and knowing what to recommend for people who need big corrections.” Sitejabber posted reviews of an optical that has both online and brick and mortar venues. There were a number of positive reviews, but of 70 recent negative reviews, 31 cited poor product quality and 39 cited poor customer service for an overall rating of 2.8 stars for both in-person and online services.
February 2021 Resources

Advice From Ms. Specs in the City

Dear Fabulous Readers,
This month’s column is about fine-tuning the frame selection process for face shapes. Ms. Specs was delighted to receive so many inquiries regarding this important topic. Thank you to all who wrote in!
December 2020 Resources

The Complete Eyewear Package

Presenting the complete eyewear package to your patients should be considered more art than science. 
December 2020 Retail Strategies

Be of Good Cheer

On a recent phone call, a friend said, “Living with COVID in 2020 was like looking both ways before crossing the street, then getting hit by an airplane.” It suddenly tested our innovation, resiliency, patience, and stamina in ways we never imagined possible just a year ago.
November 2020 Retail Strategies

Rolling with the Punches: The 2020 Edition

Our much touted “Year of Vision” turned out to be a giant dumpster fire. I’ve heard it said that going through something hard without learning lessons along the way is the true meaning of suffering, so I do try to look at hard times with my “perspective glasses” on.