Eyes on You is Dr. Lawson’s third optometry business. She has overcome a great deal of obstacles with the pandemic and is now transitioning into a new space and stepping into a new type of business where we explore cutting-edge technology to bring out the best in patient health and care. This includes the new technology of Neurolens and two machines that deliver RF (radio frequency) and IPL (intense pulse light) technology to help relieve and resolve our patients’ eye conditions of dry eye, inflammation, demodex, ocular rosacea and many others.

We moved in January 2023 to this new space (across the street from our old practice). It’s an all new design and re-imagination of our original location space. We’ve taken the opportunity with a new location to transport clients back in time to the art deco era and made the space feel luxurious. Our business here has three distinct spaces that clients can explore with.

The optical space is where eye exams take place in one of three exams rooms behind the mirrored wall that is the feature backdrop. In front of the feature wall is our frame bar where clients can be seated and try on high-end eyewear to find just the right pair to suit their vision needs and aesthetic desires.

The day spa includes two separate spa suites. In the edgy and protective cocoon of our first spa room, we deliver the high-end and cutting-edge technology of RF and IPL to combat dry eye and other eye conditions. In the second suite, we envelop clients in warmth, comfort and softness where they can explore our full range of spa services that are available with our master aesthetician/RN on staff. We also now have an eye-safe skincare line to help patients in their search for medical grade skincare that keeps their eyes (and skin) healthy and well.

And finally, our Sun Room which houses an exclusive collection of the finest sunglasses so our clients can have fun in the warmth of the sun, looking and feeling their best.

When it comes to staff, commitment to and personal development of staff are near and dear to Dr. Lawson’s heart. She sets aside one half day each week dedicated to staff training, relationship building and bringing staff on board to help with business development. It is one of the elements that sets us apart from other optical retailers. With this time, we grow strong as a team and are better able and more eager to meet the needs of our clients and patients.

In regards to patients, we are hyper-focused on their experience and quality of absolutely everything. From customer service and care, to quality of goods and services, we aim to optimize everything so patients can relax and feel fully taken care of. We streamline our workflow so patients are hand delivered from one staff member to the next, and ensure frame jobs are done as efficiently and precisely as possible by having a dedicated staff member who manages orders and processing in our lab. The patient is at the center of our experience, and everything in our office is modeled around their needs and desires. ■