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July 2019 Lenses & Technology

Do you really understand ANSI?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, not-for-profit organization. Z80.1 is a reference for creating safe and effective eyewear. I am a national speaker for ABO-NCLE. I travel throughout the US to give ABO reviews for candidates preparing to take the ABO exam. What I find surprising is the number of apprentice opticians who have seen the ANSI Z80.1 standards, but have no clue how they apply to eyewear. In addition, they do not inspect eyewear to ANSI standards. Therefore, I spend time during the review courses breaking down how they apply to eyewear.
May 2019 Contact Lenses

Teaching Contact Lenses in a Spectacle Lens World

Contact Lens Theory can be a challenging subject to teach and to absorb because most students are more familiar with spectacle lenses as they are initially introduced to refractive errors, how light bends through different mediums, and how spectacle lenses correct vision. It may be easier to understand the concept of visual correction when one can actually hold the lens in hand, see the shape of the lens either thick in the center or at the edges, and diagram the light rays entering and converging or diverging through the material.