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Pro to Pro on Shamir Glacier PLUS

Shamir Glacier™ PLUS is an anti-reflective coating that utilizes advanced technologies to provide a cutting-edge, glare-reducing solution for your patients’ lenses. Shamir’s Glacier™ PLUS coating provides comprehensive protection from the various elements that glasses encounter every day. From dirt and dust, to static and scratches, Glacier™ PLUS will Reduce, Resist and Repel, keeping lenses clean and clear of distracting reflections. This advanced coating is built to last. Its anti-reflective properties significantly increase light transmission, contributing to a greatly improved visual experience.
July 2021 Contact Lenses

Smart Contact Lenses Keep Getting Better

The Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization recently secured a patent for a new contact lens technology to help diagnose and monitor ocular health conditions, as reported in ScienceDaily. Like other ‘smart’ contact lenses, biosensors embedded on the soft contact lenses record electrophysiological activity from the corneal surface. But there’s a difference. Geared for retinal activity, the ultrathin biosensors are stretchable, making them more compatible with the curved shape of commercial soft contact lenses, increasing patient comfort.

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