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These Contact Lenses Change Color, But Not for Looks

Contact lenses that monitor eye health have emerged over the last several years. Current designs involve sensors embedded in a soft contact lens that connect with an external wireless device. Last year, researchers at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found a different approach to “smart” contact lenses. They developed a contact lens that can show real-time changes in eye surface moisture and intraocular pressure by changing colors.
October 2021 Contact Lenses

A Message from OAA Partner, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

It seems to happen all too often. Pick up the phone in the office, and it’s a contact lens prescription verification request that may need to be replayed more than once to be understood. The Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety notes, “Confirming the accuracy of contact lens prescriptions, which includes several specifications, is far too complicated for an automated phone system or robocall. Information relayed in these robocalls is oftentimes garbled or does not align with a patient’s medical record—making it difficult, or even impossible, for a doctor to correctly identify the patient and proper prescription within the eight-hour passive verification window.” This message from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care sends a glimmer of hope to eliminate this problem, but only if we all take action.

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