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March 2017 L&T Marketing

L&T Marketing

Costa Del Mar; Haag-Streit
March 2017 L&T New Products

L&T New Products

Chromance Lenses; Eyefinity's Updated EHR...
February 2017 L&T Marketing

L&T Marketing

Smart Vision Labs; National Vision Inc...
February 2017 RxPertise

The Lowdown on Blue Light

Remember K-Mart’s Bluelight Specials?
January 2017 RxPertise

All About That BASE (CURVE)

Probably no topic is arguably more confusing...
January 2017 L&T Marketing

L&T Marketing

Shamir Launches New Continuing...
January 2017 Tech Explorer

Taking Care of Business:

Dispensing Occupational Lenses in the Digital Age
December 2016 RxPertise

Eyeing the Future of Spectacle Lens Design

The advent of free-form manufacturing technology...
December 2016 L&T Marketing

L&T Marketing

Prevent Blindness and Liberty Sport Announce...