February 2017 RxPertise

The Lowdown on Blue Light

Remember K-Mart’s Bluelight Specials?
January 2017 RxPertise

All About That BASE (CURVE)

Probably no topic is arguably more confusing...
December 2016 RxPertise

Eyeing the Future of Spectacle Lens Design

The advent of free-form manufacturing technology...
September 2016 RxPertise

Quick-Screening Avoids Lab Ordering Errors

It could be the milk spilled at breakfast, slow traffic...

August 2016 RxPertise

It’s High Time for Low Vision

Results from our latest Children’s Eyewear MarketPulse Survey.
July 2016 RxPertise

Digital Solutions for Common Aberrations

All horns make noise. Goat horns, giraffe horns and unicorn horns...