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May 2022 Eyes/Optics

Shadow Dancers – A Look at Floaters

There it is again, that little speck that glides across my vision from time to time, then disappears. There are times when I’m looking at the sky or a blank wall and notice little shapes floating in front of me. They’re not quite clear — almost like little bits of dust stuck on a camera lens. I try to blink them away, but they’re still there. When I look somewhere else, these shapes move with me. Mostly, it’s an annoyance and distraction, but sometimes it’s briefly entertaining to try to follow their path. But what are they, and where did they come from?
May 2022 Resources

IOT Free-Form Insights Part 25

IOT Intelligence is the technology and innovation that powers the Camber lens excellence, from the unique variable curve front surface of the Camber blank to the strict lab enablement process.
May 2022 Eyes/Optics

The Ball is Quicker than the Eye

Major League Baseball is back, and so is the 100-mph fastball. How is a batter able to hit a ball traveling faster than the eye’s ability to track it? The answer lies with the retina’s ability to signal the brain to anticipate the future, or predictive motion encoding.
May 2022 Eyewear

Considering Online Specs: Part 2

Previously, I discussed some of the advantages of buying eyeglasses from an optical versus online. In NJ, our standards are strict, and we don’t hesitate to remake glasses if they were made incorrectly. Opticians are trained to thoroughly inspect eyewear including the quality, prescription, and appearance of any given order. We guarantee that the patient is getting the quality they paid for.
May 2022 Contact Lenses

New Research Reveals Significant Gaps in Consumer Contact Lenses Knowledge

From Vision Monday

New research commissioned by the Contact Lens Institute (CLI) reveals that U.S. eye care practitioners are missing an opportunity to talk about contact lens options with two out of three patients, among other eye-popping findings. The nationwide survey of nearly 1,000 U.S. adults who require vision correction is part of the organization’s See Tomorrow initiative, which is designed to help practices understand and thrive as consumer beliefs and behaviors evolve. Here are some key findings from the survey.