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May 2023 Business

Contact Lens Prescription Verification Modernization Act

I will always remember the patient who sat in front of me with tears in her eyes. She had been to our office a couple months before for a regular contact lens exam. She then ordered the new contact lenses online. Sometime later, she experienced sudden onset blurred vision, but didn’t realize that it coincided with the new contact lenses.  After all, everything was fine at the eye exam. She saw an array of doctors and underwent weeks of tests trying to find the cause, possibly a brain tumor or stroke. The patient was terrified at what the outcome might be.
May 2023 Lenses

The Device that Revolutionized the Optical Industry

From The Optical Heritage Museum

The AO Lensometer provided a quick and accurate means to verify the power of an eyeglass lens and due to the affordability and ability to mass produce, revolutionized the Ophthalmic lens industry. AO’s chief scientists Dr. Edgar Tillyer and Dr. Estelle Glancy were intimately involved in the engineering effort of this device, which took over 10 years to perfect. Due to this impact on the optical industry, the ASME History & Heritage Committee deemed the AO Lensometer worthy of receiving landmark status.
May 2023 Eyes/Optics

When Seeing Isn’t Believing!

Charles Bonnet Syndrome, named in honor of the 18th century Swiss naturalist and philosopher, is a condition in which the person experiences visual hallucinations they know aren’t real. These hallucinations are not the result of cognitive impairment and the hallucinations do not manifest with the other senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing). The visual hallucinations of CBS can range from simple patterns, shapes or light flashes to people, animals or landscapes, black and white or in vivid color. They may be of Lilliputian nature, seeing miniature people or animals. These images can be distressing, entertaining, or the person may tune them out altogether.
May 2023 Eyes/Optics

Marijuana, Glaucoma, and Intraocular Pressure

A few days ago, the governor of my home state allowed recreational cannabis bills to become law (albeit reluctantly). There now are 23 states and 3 US territories where recreational marijuana use is legal. This follows on the heels of the DOJ announcement that it will review how marijuana is scheduled under federal law. These developments give reason for concern that with greater availability, glaucoma patients may try to self-treat their condition with marijuana use. But eye care professionals warn against it.
May 2023 Eyewear

For a Person with Developmental Disabilities

For a person with developmental disabilities, maximizing learning potential is crucial, and as eye care professionals, we play an essential role in facilitating this endeavor. For those with cognitive delays, achieving the best visual acuity is imperative, as refractive errors exacerbate quality of life and hamper their ability to reach their true potential.
May 2023 Business

What Can YOU Do to Protect Your Profession?

One of the most important things we can do as opticians today is understand how to protect our profession. Below are things that WE ALL can do to stay informed and help our profession stay strong! Know your legislators - When you have a concern, these are the people who need to hear about it. Write or call, but let them know.