Pro to Pro

July 2021 Lenses & Technology

Pro to Pro on Shamir Glacier PLUS

Shamir Glacier™ PLUS is an anti-reflective coating that utilizes advanced technologies to provide a cutting-edge, glare-reducing solution for your patients’ lenses. Shamir’s Glacier™ PLUS coating provides comprehensive protection from the various elements that glasses encounter every day. From dirt and dust, to static and scratches, Glacier™ PLUS will Reduce, Resist and Repel, keeping lenses clean and clear of distracting reflections. This advanced coating is built to last. Its anti-reflective properties significantly increase light transmission, contributing to a greatly improved visual experience.
July 2021 Eyes/Optics

What We Learned About Vision - from Horseshoe Crabs

I live in an area that is a spawning ground for horseshoe crabs in early summer. They’re odd-looking creatures that remind me of miniature amphibious tanks storming the beach. I noticed two lateral eyes near the front of the dorsal shell that didn’t seem to be particularly useful when the crabs took circuitous routes to find their way back to the water. Curious as to how they navigated, I did some research and found some surprising information.
July 2021 Resources

IOT Free-Form Insights Part 15

There are many steps in an ophthalmic lens journey, and each can impact lens optical quality and performance. It starts with precise refraction by the doctor utilizing calibrated equipment: next step, precision measurements taken by the optician/technician using calibrated instruments. With the first two steps fulfilled, the lab’s free-form surfacing generators apply the free-form design to the uncut lens blank.
July 2021 Retailing

Deliver a Better Patient Experience with Buy Now, Pay Later

As a practice manager, my goal is to make every touchpoint for the patient seamless and positive. I am "that person"—the one who enthusiastically shares with everyone when I discover a great new product or service that makes the business run smoother or helps us serve patients better. Once I find something that makes my life or my patients’ better, I am a diehard fan for life. Today, I am sharing our success story using the Sunbit Buy Now, Pay Later solution.
July 2021 Contact Lenses

Smart Contact Lenses Keep Getting Better

The Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization recently secured a patent for a new contact lens technology to help diagnose and monitor ocular health conditions, as reported in ScienceDaily. Like other ‘smart’ contact lenses, biosensors embedded on the soft contact lenses record electrophysiological activity from the corneal surface. But there’s a difference. Geared for retinal activity, the ultrathin biosensors are stretchable, making them more compatible with the curved shape of commercial soft contact lenses, increasing patient comfort.
July 2021 Contact Lenses

Unity BioSync with HydraMist: More Comfort for All-Day Wear

Contact lens wearers want the same thing everyone else wants: to see clearly, keep their eyes healthy, be comfortable all day long. Since they were first introduced as far back as 1887, contact lenses have continually improved in all three key areas. But even today, roughly one in six U.S. contact lens wearers eventually abandons contact lenses, and a lack of comfort (also known as “awareness” of the lens on the eye) is considered to be one of the main culprits. Unity BioSync® with HydraMist® is a new premium daily disposable silicone hydrogel contact lens that, through the HydraMist Technology, brings a new level of comfort to contact lens wearers.
June 2021 Sunwear

Sunglass Diplomacy

On June 16, President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland. When world leaders meet, diplomatic tradition includes an exchange of usually symbolic protocol gifts. In this case, President Biden presented President Putin with a pair of Randolph Concorde teardrop aviators, in 23 karat Gold with SkyTec™ Polarized American Gray lenses. The glasses were customized with a Joe Biden signature on the right lens and inside the temple, according to Randolph. While they resemble President Biden’s own iconic Ray-Ban Aviators, the Concorde has its own story.
June 2021 Education

Failing Smarter

"I haven't failed -- I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

- Thomas Edison

Everyone has healthy fears and motivators in their career. Two of my greatest personal fears are the fear of success, and the fear of failure. My fear of personal success kept me paralyzed for over a decade. I attempted to move forward and grow professionally by myself and quite often answered my own questions. This way of thinking kept me in a vicious cycle. However, I have come to realize my fear of failure has been my greatest motivator, pushing me up against the wall, forcing me to ask for help, asking others questions, discovering the power of networking, and in turn allowing me to get out of my own way so I can grow.

June 2021 Business

OAA Newsletter June 2021

Honored Fellow … Is It Right for You?
Honored Fellow is an OAA member designation, a designation beyond a regular membership. Any individual member or member of an OAA State Association is invited to become an Honored Fellow. In addition to enjoying all of the many benefits that come with standard OAA membership, Honored Fellows set themselves apart with regard to commitment, status and additional opportunities.