This 20/20 issue devoted to frame materials always stirs my passion for the many unique processes involved in creating eyewear. You’ve seen photos of tumbling and shaping and plating previously but this one truly caught my attention.

I spied a glimpse of this on Instagram and just had to share. Best perhaps to let spectacle maestro Tom Davies explain. “This is my favorite process in the factory. Using low heat metal (magnesium) to create a metal tool to hold an acetate frame front while you plant the hinges. Reminds me of ‘Terminator 2’ every time I do it.”

Want more such opti-bits? I strongly suggest you follow Davies on Instagram @tdtomdavies and while you are at it, please seek him on any and all forms of social media. The man is a true Artist of the Frame and a bespoke master.

–James J. Spina