It’s now about a decade ago that I asked my son Gram and his two best friends, Finn and Eamon, if they would like to be in a photo here in Parting Glance wearing some sport eyewear we were in the process of featuring for a special on kids and their sport sunglasses. All three jumped at the chance but Finn noted his favorite brand was missing. And they all agreed that it would be so cool if they could wear Under Armour sport specs. Some of the brands I offered were high on their radar but none resonated as powerfully as Under Armour. These days, Finn is about as close as one can be to being a professional mountain biker. Eamon is working on the mountains of Montana, on his way to a career as a wilderness guide. And Gram wears protective sport eyewear in his quest toward a degree in auto restoration at Penn College. They all still have a special place in their hearts for the significance of a brand (now delivered by Safilo) they adored as kids.

–James J. Spina