From the Opticians Association of America Newsletter


Since its inception, Vision of Hope (VOH) has encouraged Opticians to join a mission, helping people with vision needs worldwide. That effort has not changed. We still have a grant program for opticians wishing to take part in international mission projects. There is an application form on the VOH website to request aid for your mission trip.

Vision of Hope has also developed the goal of encouraging state associations to host missions within their own states. There are so many people within our borders who are not able to afford glasses. Two years ago, OAA/VOH sponsored a mission in Charleston, SC concurrent with the Leadership Conference. It was a big success. We were able to assist approximately 50 people in need. Since then, missions have also been held in Michigan and Washington, with more in the planning.

The VOH mission committee currently has two major goals:

  • Spearhead a mission each year in whichever city hosts the OAA Leadership Conference
  • Aid and encourage state associations to put on a mission within their own states 

States can contact the VOH mission chair to request information on how to start an in-state mission. 

In 2020, our main mission will coincide with the OAA Leadership Conference in Destin, Florida (details and exact location TBA).

We encourage all opticians to reach out to your state associations to set up a mission within your state.