Sometimes you need a special box in order to think positively “outside the box.” And Costa has the perfect box for you if you are interested in taking a giant step toward making an impact regarding recycling to clean up and green-up our opti-universe.

The reality is that this optical industry disposes of an estimated 420 million plastic lenses every two years in a range that includes new purchases, redos and demo lenses. Well… Costa has a box (and an ingenious system) in order to reverse that potentially polluting problem.

With its official debut at Vision Expo East, Costa now has its Kick Plastic Lens Recycling Program as the vital part of an even greater awareness scenario set on protecting the oceans of this world. In partnership with Piedmont Plastics, this recycle and repurpose initiative encourages ECPs to collect, recycle and repurpose plastic lenses.

Plastic is, in fact, the number one trash on a global basis. AND it takes over 400 years to decompose. With a simple mail-back disposal box system, the program is incredibly easy for ECPs to participate. Currently there are two Piedmont Plastics recycle centers: Piedmont Plastics West, 17000 Valley View Ave., La Mirada, CA 90638 and Piedmont Plastics East, 2175 Mason Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32117.

Involved ECPs can become Costa Kick Plastic Ambassadors, receiving a special designation as such on the Costa dealer locator website along with special communication materials encouraging patients to be equally aware.

Costa CEO Holly Rush (pictured with the Kick Plastic deposit box) notes, “Costa has been committed to creating great sunglasses and protecting the oceans we love. Working to create sustainable solutions that help protect our planet and address plastic pollution is a priority for us. Our goal is to have over 1,000 practices on board in this first year, allowing us to recycle and repurpose over 50 tons of plastic lenses.”

Your recycle box from Costa awaits at [email protected]. Go for it.

–James J. Spina