By Linda Conlin, Pro to Pro Managing Editor

I’ll never forget the day. The patient was a -9D myope, picking up her glasses in a very expensive frame. As with many myopes, she just wanted a ‘slight adjustment’ – several times. I admit to being a coward when I didn’t try to pop the lenses out to bring the temples in closer. I had wrapped the frame front in a towel, but you know what happened next – the AR on the lenses crazed, resulting in an upset patient as well as the optical manager. Now there’s a way to find the courage for these delicate adjustments.

There’s a new innovation invented by an optician, made from proprietary heat resistant materials that help ward off lens crazing while keeping the bridge and temples exposed for heating. It’s Craze Guard by Cascade Optics. Crazing occurs from overexposing an AR lens to the heat of a hot air frame warmer during adjustments, accounting for a large portion of preventable industry loss. Lab technicians and opticians will benefit from the Craze Guard by not having to remove the lenses for adjustments. There are times where the lens is too thick, and you cannot remove it. An optician or a lab technician may not have the strength to remove the lens. No more straining to take out high Rx lenses or having to risk breaking an old brittle frame in front of a patient. Craze Guard protects lenses against accidental crazing and takes the worry out of adjustments to eyewear with AR lenses.

The owner of Cascade Optics and a certified optician for nearly 20 years, developed the patented Craze Guard from heat resistant materials to help ward off crazing while using a hot air frame warmer. It has heat resistant elastic flaps and side flaps that allow for optimal protection of lenses, while keeping the bridge and temples exposed for heating. It’s made in the USA and one size fits most frames. The tool is easy to use. Sanitize both the lenses and frame, then place the eyewires in the pouches, heat on a medium to high setting, and make the needed adjustments. Craze Guard is also handy for inserting one lens at a time while keeping the other lens protected from heat and makes an excellent training tool for newer opticians and lab techs.

It’s no surprise an optician invented this! You can get more information on Craze Guard at