It’s early morning. You awake to the obnoxious sound of an alarm, roll over to turn it off, and as you sit up in bed, you reach for your glasses, fumbling around in the dark. For some of us, we need those glasses from the moment we get up. You stumble to the bathroom and start the shower for a wake me up, and maybe a few more minutes of sleep. The glasses are set on the vanity. Shower is over, and the glasses are put back on as you head to the closet. What to wear? What to wear? As you pull the sweater or t-shirt over your head, you realize you forgot to take off your glasses as they are now sitting awkwardly on your face, pressed against your head. It’s a gamble. Keep pulling the clothing over your head, not thinking about what that does to your glasses, or stop to take the glasses off? Hint: the glasses are secretly hoping you will take them off before continuing. After you’re dressed, the eyewear goes back on. For some of us, styling the hair involves a hair care product or two, often sprayed, with some overspray landing on the lenses. Eyewear comes back off to apply makeup, and if the mascara isn’t quite dry when the glasses are put back on, your lenses are now sporting mascara spot. It’s time to accessorize with a watch, tie or jewelry. And last, but not least, the socks and shoes. Let’s take one last look in the mirror – you’re beautiful - and you’re ready to head out the door.

But wait! What about your eyewear? You haven’t yet left the house, and how many times have the glasses been on and off your face? Chances are pretty high there are a few fingerprints. How well are you seeing through those lenses? And what are people going to see when they look at you? Let’s not forget the temples or nose pads may no longer be sitting right after the battle with the clothing.

There are ample opportunities throughout the rest of the day where you’ll smudge your lenses or get some help from the child who is fascinated with your eyewear. And when you take them off, how many times do you catch yourself pulling them off to the side rather than straight off your face?

What eyeglass wearer can’t identify with at least one of these events? Take the time to discuss eyeglass care with each and every patient. Show them how to use cleaning products and make sure they have a choice to meet their cleaning needs and preferences. Some people love the convenience of pre-moistened towelettes or micro-fiber cloths, while others prefer the liquid and cloth combo. Demonstrate the right way to put on and remove glasses to prevent poor fitting eyewear. Encourage the use of an eyeglass case to prevent dust on the lenses or to protect in falls from the nightstand. You’ve led them down the path to fabulous eyewear. Help keep the satisfaction high by discussing care.

Jodi Groh is a marketing professional with 20 years experience in the optical community. An expert in lens care, she is passionate about growing business at the customer level. She is an ABO speaker and has been recognized as one of Vision Monday’s Influential Women in Optical.