Millennials—or as we at 20/20 refer to them—GenEYE know what they want and when they want it. But... they are also quite the paradox. They search for cutting-edge materials in terms of technology and comfort, yet also yearn for a “hipster” retro look. They scour the web and Instagram for new brands, styles and colors, but also make a trip to try on frames in person. They are inspired by the “one-of-a-kind” draw of Independent brands, but still love and trust their well-known favorites. To help clarify and make Millennials seem less mysterious, we present a hand-picked assortment of over 30 new styles to help you iron out the seeming inconsistencies Millennials face. Take a peek at the tried and true classics of tortoise, blacks and grays, but be open to color, patterns and vibrant mirror lenses. When it comes to GenEYE, 20/20 has you covered.

Jillian Urcelay

Photographed by Ned Matura

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From left: CAFE LUNETTES 3250 from SD Eyes; ROMEO GIGLI 77001 from Avalon Eyewear; KLIIK DENMARK 596 from WestGroupe; MARLI 032 from Kingsley Rowe; ESQUIRE 1511 from New York Eye

From top: SERAPHIN Hawthorne from Ogi Eyewear; ARGYLECULTURE Vaughan from The McGee Group

From top: STEVE MADDEN Kriista from ClearVision Optical; SEVENTY ONE Kenyon from A&A Optical

From left: EASYCLIP 439 from Aspex Eyewear; OLIVER PEOPLES M-4 from Oliver Peoples; MAYBECK from Blake Kuwahara; NEUBAU EYEWEAR Frida from Silhouette

From left: SCOTT HARRIS 526 from Europa International; STAR 6201 from Clariti Eyewear; JUSTICE from Spy Optic; GX BY GWEN STEFANI 034 from Tura; GB+ Savvy from Modern Optical International

From left: VINCE CAMUTO VG217 from Colors in Optics; HELIUM 4329 from Match Eyewear

From top: VOGUE from Lafont; GUESS 3022 from Marcolin; TC CHARTON Asian Fit Eyewear Coco from Prologue Vision; REALTREE GIRL G200 from Nouveau Eyewear; SUNTRENDS 197 from i-dealoptics

From left: NOMAD 3069N from Morel; EVOLUTION 4044 from Altair Eyewear; PEPE JEANS Owen 3256 from Mondottica USA; GEEK EYEWEAR Bolle from LBI Eyewear

From top: POLICE Vortex 2 VPL286 from De Rigo Rem; SILVER LINING OPTICIANS M72 from Silver Lining Opticians