The fashion world is a constant resurge of past trends and style notes making their way back into the spotlight. Eyewear is seeing smaller frames and more classic looks heading to the faces of eyewear lovers. This is especially true for GenEYE, taking cues from the past and opting for retro and vintage looks. We’ve gone old school with a classic black and white photo shoot that highlights old school style with new school Millennials.

–Victoria Garcia

Photographed by Neil Francis Dawson

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A Game of Marbles

Nothing gleams quite like white marble with subtle streaks of character and intrigue “rounded” up for good measure.

O-SIX Wearing Architectures from Thema - A Family Factory

Indefinably Good

We’re working on a name for this shape. Any thoughts? Care to give it a try? You could be famous. As for the frame… in our minds it already is.

WOOW Brand New 2 from Design Eyewear Group

Parallel Lines

Interested in that frame-in-a-frame detailing but looking for it to be subtle and sleek? How about a deft trick with eyewear’s signature mainstay of crystal? It adds light and a calm sense of… reflection. The strong stance comes from the style’s proud full-length upper brow bar.

MODO 452 from Modo

Modern Man

A few years ago 20/20 did a Special Edition called Modern Man. Done today THIS Teka would be a star in that agenda. So… We dare to say THIS: Perfect men’s frame no matter which gen you call your own.

TEKA 482 from Teka Eyewear

You Say You Want an Evolution

A P3 braid intertwined with a relatively quiet CatEye defines new directions without shouting from a master of style with status.

MARC JACOBS 215/S from Safilo

Truth Be Bold

There’s nothing SHY here. Let eyewear add to a personality with a face of confidence and attitude.

RANDY JACKSON X126 from Zyloware

At Your Leisure

Nike delivers an ultimatum of what it takes for sport to venture into the incredibly hot world of… Athleisure.

NIKE EVO879 from Marchon Eyewear

Double Up

The frame-in-a-frame claim teams up with tone-on-tone and texture-on-texture. GenEYE owns these trends in eyewear and sunwear.

VOGUE 4070-S from Luxottica

Bridge Reinforcements

The black tortoise zyl accenting on the bridge swerves this powerful aviator to even greater heights of sonic boom.

ZAC POSEN Arroh from Kenmark Eyewear

Peek of Perfection

Peak of Perfection.

COURREGES 1661 from Mad Vision