Photographed by Ned Matura

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From left: WORKFORCE Contour from Wiley X Eyewear; EVOLUTION 4037 from Altair Eyewear; VINCE CAMUTO VG176 from Colors in Optics; BADGLEY MISCHKA Nash from The McGee Group; BANKSVILLE from Norman Childs Eyewear

From top: KONISHI 5788 from Clariti Eyewear; TC CHARTON Asian Fit Wyatt from Prologue Vision; HUMPHREY’S 583050 from Tura; PERRY ELLIS 359 from Eyewear Designs

From left: TEKA 155 from Teka Eyewear; ERNEST HEMINGWAY 4685 from New York Eye; CRUZ Maple Dr from A&A Optical

From left: BIGGU 764 from Menizzi; ZENSE 7909 from ProDesign Denmark; HOUSE OF CADS 2525 from Bevel Specs; OWP 8747 from OWP; PRADA VPS 55F from Luxottica

From left: RANDY JACKSON 1062 from Zyloware; CULLEN from Spy Optic; CHARMANT Z ZT11791R from Charmant Group; VAN HEUSEN 123 from Nouveau Eyewear

From top: MONTBLANC 552 from Marcolin USA; SILHOUETTE 5440 from Silhouette; HACKETT BESPOKE 161 from Mondottica USA; SÀFILO 1036 from Sàfilo

From top: PARTNER 153 from Artoptic; MODO 4504 from Modo

From left: SLOAN from Kingsley Rowe; IZOD 766 from ClearVision Optical; SALVATORE FERRAGAMO 812S from Marchon Eyewear; OGA 7869O from Morel

GenEYE is certainly not gender-specific BUT when it comes to making decisions in terms of eyewear, there are some definitive choices involved focusing on men as that final consumer. And some of those choices break the rules when it comes to selling eyewear and sunwear to those GenEYE guys.

—James J. Spina