With a refreshing new outlook on trends and a knack for stepping outside the box, the new power players of eyewear are here to make noise. Known as GenEYE, these style-savvy young men and women are setting the standards for what’s hot and what’s not, and leaving no realm of eyewear untouched. If it’s bold, dramatic or showstopping, they want it. Help this GenEYEration set the stage with these 20/20 Basics.


Forever changing their styles, Millennials are very likely to opt for more than one pair of frames, whether it is optical or sun. Besides mixing up their wardrobe, explain to them that multiple pairs are useful for various activities and lifestyle needs. Suggest sport frames, fashion frames and sunglasses for all occasions.


GenEYE grew up on the Internet. Stay in touch with this tech-loving generation by constantly updating your social media feeds and website and posting images and information of new products and promotions. GenEYE is both style and celebrity-crazed so be sure to include photos of celebrities and athletes wearing their favorite eyewear from 20/20’s Hall of Frames and our social media accounts.

Millennials want the newest and most exclusive products you have to offer. Introduce them to OUR Eyewear brands and explain the allure and individuality behind these brands. Explain brand heritage stories and histories to help them better understand what OUR Eyewear is all about.

Seeing is believing. Allow customers to hold and try on frames. Place mirrors sporadically throughout your space to aid customers in the dispensing process. As they try on frames, you will get a better understanding of what styles and shapes they are looking for.

Brand loyalty will go a long way with GenEYE. Although they seek individuality, they also seek familiarity. Stock popular clothing and designer brands that will appeal to this generation. Keep in mind popular trends such as bold shapes, bright colors and mixed materials.


Over the past several months, we have been highlighting how to sell to GenEYE. Flip through some of our latest issues for a go-to guide on how to appeal to this generation. From sport eyewear, tech frames and sunwear, we’ve got you covered.