September 2019 Conversations

Eye for Design

September 2019 Conversations

Alec & Ashley

September 2017 Conversations

Seven Words You Can't Say

If you don’t remember George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television,” we can’t help you because we can’t print them. However, we can print the “Seven Words You Can Never Say in a Dispensary.” Here’s the first…When a patient expresses a problem with their new glasses, you can never say, “You’ll have to get used to them.” When you say this, the patient hears, “I’m never going to see well with them.”
February 2017 Artist of the Frame / Conversations

Forever Young

Celebrity stylist Kate Young showcases her fashion expertise...
February 2016 Artist of the Frame / Conversations

Tick Tock, It's Gwen's Time

Songstress and fashion designer Gwen Stefani lends her spunky style to Tura for two new rockin’ eyewear collections.
September 2014 Artist of the Frame / Conversations

Preserving the Optical Experience

Seven years ago, Blake Mycoskie, a young entrepreneur, was running a software company. While on vacation in Argentina...