Roland Keplinger

Jillian Urcelay: Lafont recently released its latest collaboration with Maison Pierre Frey. Can you describe the new styles and how each brand is represented and reflected in the collection?
Ray Kahlil: The latest additions to our collection, crafted in partnership with Maison Pierre Frey, epitomize the fusion of Lafont’s signature style and the rich hues found in Frey's fabrics. Each pair of sunglasses serves as a captivating canvas, showcasing the intricate depth of color characteristic of Frey’s textiles while incorporating Lafont’s refined craftsmanship. Together, we have artfully integrated thicker acetates to accentuate the luxurious presence of Frey’s materials within our designs.

How do the two brands complement each other from a design perspective?
The bond between the esteemed Frey and Lafont families was rooted in a shared admiration for each other’s distinguished craftsmanship, cultivated over generations of acquaintance. Our lineage boasts a heritage steeped in textiles, providing a seamless and harmonious foundation for our collaborative endeavors—a convergence that unfolds effortlessly and organically in our designs.

Do you plan on collaborating with more designers in the future?
Certainly, we are committed to exploring collaborations that align seamlessly with the essence of our brand identity.

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