Jordan W. Percy

Jillian Urcelay: How does RAEN’s California cool essence come across in its latest release?
Jordan W. Percy: The SS24 collection embodies the free-thinking spirit of California, capturing a lifestyle that transcends geography. Each piece reflects individuality and self-expression, hallmarks of the California ethos. This essence is exemplified in the design language and choice of materials that speak to a laid-back, innovative and expressive lifestyle.

What design details and special features can we see in the spring/summer collection?
Design details and special features from new styles in the collection include Alvez: modern square shape, thin rim heights, premium acetates, available in colors like recycled black and green polarized; Lonso: ’90s-inspired, round smooth lines, thick temples, unique hybrid silhouette; Kimma: contemporary CatEye, dramatic curves, sculpted beveling, laminated materials for color interplay; Zouk: ’60s and ’70s-inspired silhouette, bold geometric angles, wrapped end pieces, available exclusively at select retailers.

The optical collection highlights include Altin, which features a wider fitting frame with a minimalist design; Rilko offers sculpted beveling and a versatile hybrid silhouette; Hanny showcases a high-end fashion-forward articulated silhouette; Kozlo combines ultra-light Beta-Titanium construction with modern design touches.

Lastly, what sets RAEN apart from its competitors?
RAEN differentiates itself through a commitment to handcrafted quality and artistic expression, using only the finest materials. Each frame is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, blending style with functionality. RAEN’s approach to design, focusing on timeless aesthetics and robust functionality, positions it uniquely in the market, providing premium quality eyewear that is both attainable and fashion forward.

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