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Darryl Meister’s Educational Forum – The Importance of Understanding Color Deficiency

It is my honor and pleasure to publish in today’s Opticians Handbook eblast the first of what I hope will be many more research papers submitted by students or their instructors of vision science in the Darryl Meister Educational Forum section.

August 2016 Darryl Meister Educational Forum

The Importance of Understanding Color Vision Deficiency

The eye is a complex piece of anatomy capable of determining everything from broad shapes to precise details. Among the many tasks the eye is able to perform, one of the eye’s key tasks is to aid in the determination of the many variations of color.
July 2016 Technicians

Compensated Rx’s—When Lenses Don’t Measure As Prescribed!

It was suggested recently that I discuss the topic of “compensated lens powers.” With the growth of freeform technology pioneered by Zeiss, this issue has received increased attention. I have come to realize there is confusion over the fundamentals of compensated Rx’s. I will attempt to explain this in simple terms and avoid mathematical explanations.

September 2014 Darryl Meister Educational Forum

Ocular Effects of Hypertension

High blood pressure is not only bad for your cardiovascular system but for your eyes and vision as well. At least 50 million Americans suffer from hypertension. Uncontrolled high blood pressure increases the risk of serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, and hypertensive retinopathy.
September 2014 Darryl Meister Educational Forum

Remembering Darryl Meister

As I write this article, more than a month has passed since I learned of the sudden and unexpected death of my friend and colleague Darryl Meister. The impact of his death to the optical community (which he loved and served so effectively) has not been fully recognized.
September 2014 Darryl Meister Educational Forum

Color Vision Deficiencies

As a human, one of the first things that newborn babies experience when they get through a mother’s womb is facing the light.
September 2014 Darryl Meister Educational Forum

In Memory of Darryl Meister

In honor of the contributions to Ophthalmic Optics and Opticianry by Darryl Meister, we've created this forum to showcase the works of students of optics. Darryl was a celebrated student of optics that shared his knowledge and perspectives openly with all. This section of The 20/20 Opticians Handbook is dedicated to Darryl.

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