Continuing Education

December 2017 Continuing Education

How to Become a Scribe

Have you ever considered becoming a scribe?  Let me tell you how I entered this fascinating area of vision health care. I was hired at my current practice as an ophthalmic technician. The practice took notice of my attention to detail, time management skills, and general interest in the field, and offered me the opportunity “upgrade” and train as a scribe.
December 2017 Continuing Education

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, and now our attention is almost completely on holiday shopping. But before looking forward to getting the best parking space in the mall or free shipping, think back to your Thanksgiving table. When you looked around at family and friends, how many were wearing out of date eyewear? You’ve known them for years. You can make a good guess.
November 2017 Continuing Education

The Ideal Student

As program director for Vision Care Technology (A.S. degree) at Goodwin College, I must identify the ideal skills, interests, and knowledge set that make a strong applicant to our program. Students who apply are recent high school graduates, career changers, or are in higher education with a desire to be in healthcare. An optician should be well versed in basic algebra, have mechanical dexterity, and a desire to work with people in a healthcare setting. After much reflection, I narrowed the ideal skills, interests, and knowledge set down to four categories: math, science, sales, and healthcare.
October 2017 Continuing Education

Can Optician Be a Household Word?

Children are often asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The most common responses are: doctor, teacher, nurse, firefighter, or policeman . As children get older they learn about different professions such as accountant, lawyer, dentist, construction worker and electrician. Unless an optician is in the family, the profession of opticianry is rarely dinner time talk. Even children who wear glasses rarely consider being an optician. Why? If you ask the average optician how they landed in the field, many will say that they fell into the career by chance or it's been in their family.
October 2017 Continuing Education

Welcome New Voices

I’m pleased to welcome two new contributors to Pro to Pro. Maryann Santos and Catherine Palmigiano will be sharing their insights on education and scribing for our multifaceted profession.