November 2022 Education

What’s Eight Feet Tall and Reflects and Refracts Light?

If you said a first order Fresnel design lighthouse lens, you are correct!  In 1819, French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel was charged with improving French lighthouses and he developed a revolutionary lens that would transform lighthouses and ophthalmic lenses in 1823. The Fresnel lens intensifies the light by reflecting, refracting, and magnifying the source light through prisms into concentrated beams. Fresnel continued to modify the lens design until 1825. His final design had a beehive appearance, with central and peripheral prisms, through which the light would travel by refraction through the first surface, then total internal reflection off the second surface, then refraction through the third surface. The result was the lighthouse lens as we now know it. The light beam of a first order lens is visible for 20 miles.
November 2022 Eyes/Optics

Contact Lenses for Ocular and Emotional Solutions

Halloween came and went, and of course eye care professionals are on high alert, warning our friends and family to go through the appropriate channels to acquire costume contact lenses. We all know too well how quickly a medical emergency can arise from a contaminated or ill-fitting contact lens. While I admire the artistic detailing that goes into designing these colored lenses, to be honest, this year my thought process took a hard pivot. I started to think about corneal dystrophies and how cosmetic or prosthetic contact lenses are an emotional solution for patients.
November 2022 Eyes/Optics

Air Pollution and Eye Health

When it comes to air pollution and health, we most often think of its effects on our respiratory system, but consider that the eye is an organ with a surface constantly exposed to the environment. According to The Adverse Effects of Air Pollution, “Exposure to polluted outdoor air has been proven to be harmful to human eyes. On the other hand, indoor air pollution from environmental tobacco smoking, heating, cooking, or poor indoor ventilation is also related to several eye diseases...”  (Lin CC, Chiu CC, Lee PY, et al. The Adverse Effects of Air Pollution on the Eye: A Review. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022;19(3):1186. Published 2022 Jan 21. doi:10.3390/ijerph19031186)
November 2022 Eyewear

Celebrating Sunglasses for the Season...Winter!

Winter is creeping up on us this year and it’s the perfect time to shop for sunglasses. Throughout my career, it’s deeply disappointing when someone’s quick to dismiss the subject of sun protection. Some have never worn sunglasses or shy away because lenses are dark, heavy, or bothersome, the list is lengthy. There are patients in disbelief when they learn that wearing sunglasses throughout winter is just as important as during other seasons.
November 2022 Education

And the winner is…Minerva Maldonado!

IOT announces the 2022 winner of its Optical’s Next Top Speaker contest. Minerva Maldonado edged out her competitors with a warm and passionate presentation entitled Bright Eyes on the Future of Fashion, Optics, and Vision. The three finalists presented on November 16 via Zoom. Each had 30 minutes to cover their topics and field questions from a panel of four judges.
November 2022 Eyewear

Sustainability and Eyewear Consumer Expectations

As frame and lens experts, we know that plastics are the most commonly used eyewear materials. How can our industry address its impact on our environment and the expectations of the modern eyewear consumer? An Industry Report from Villa Eyewear, “Is your eyecare practice ready to meet the moment? An ECP’s guide to climate change & consumer expectations,” has some answers.
November 2022 Business

Reengineering and Renovation - How Optical Labs Stay on the Cutting Edge

From VisionMonday
The term “work in progress” accurately defines most prescription optical laboratories. No matter how smoothly a lab may be running, there’s always something that needs updating or replacing, whether it’s adding a single piece of equipment, reengineering an entire production line or even building a whole facility. It’s an endless cycle of invention and reinvention, and labs must learn to adjust to it while continuing to service customers, a challenge which can be daunting for any business.
November 2022 Resources

News for Opticians

Occasionally in our profession, it is important to reach out to our legislators to let them know our opinions. If it is recommended to you that you reach out to your legislator, do you know how to find them? Not sure of your congressional district or who your member is? This service will assist you by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district, with links to your member's website and contact page HERE.