March 2017 Education

Innovations in Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma can be a devastating disease when left untreated. Increased intra-ocular pressure can cause a loss of peripheral vision that can be life changing. Luckily, there are excellent and simple treatments available, even in the most severe cases. The latest and greatest treatments include an eye drop called Simbrinza and a surgically placed stint called I Stent.

March 2017 Education


Recently my friend Melanie sent me a text asking where I’d gotten my glasses. I’m currently wearing—yes, it’s true, I’m sorry—the same pair I’ve worn for three years now, and she’d been admiring them for a bit, and decided they might be the pair for her. After all, weren’t they from that website that donates a pair of frames for every one you buy? Aesthetics aside, that was what really sold her—not only would she get a style she liked, but it would also help someone else, and she likes to help charitable organizations whenever possible.
March 2017 Education

March 21 2017 Pro to Pro Blog

March brings us a few different nationally celebrated campaigns related to vision care and thus they are our topics for this month’s Pro to Pro – National Save Your Vision Month and World Glaucoma Week.

March 2017 Eyes/Optics