September 2021 Eyes/Optics

Kids and Digital

There has been rising concern about the impact of digital device use on children’s vision, and the year 2020 may provide a unique data pool for analysis. According to USAFacts, 65% of households with children reported the use of online learning last year. Never before have there been so many children learning via digital devices, increasing the screen time that was already raising concern. The impact on vision is as yet unknown, but there is fertile ground for study.
September 2021 Resources

IOT Free-Form Insights Part 16

The sensation is an uncomfortable, unnatural feeling of unsteadiness for anyone who has experienced the “swim effect” when wearing and trying to adapt to progressive lenses. The wearer experiences a non-stable perception of surroundings. The swim effect causes discomfort and reduces overall lens satisfaction, making adaptation more difficult. Despite advancements in progressive lenses, some patients still experience this effect.
August 2021 Education

Who is Ms Specs Anyway???

We were surprised and delighted to see Dibby Bartlett, OAA President, interview our own Ms. Specs in the City for a recent OAA newsletter. With Dibby’s permission, we’re pleased to share it with our readers.
August 2021 Education

Chasing Rainbows

After hours of rain, a huge arc of color appeared across the sky – a rainbow, reward for enduring a dreary day. An optical illusion, I know, but the optics are fascinating. To learn more, I found a most informative article from National Geographic.
August 2021 Education

New York State Society of Opticians to Host ABO Basic Exam Review Course September 12

VERONA, N.Y. — New York optician apprentices and students can enhance their knowledge of the field and improve their preparation for the national American Board of Opticianry (ABO) licensing exam with an ABO exam review course to be offered Sunday, September 12, from 8 am to 3 pm at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona, N.Y. As part of its Annual Convention, the New York State Society of Opticians (NYSSO) will host the course, which uses a curriculum provided by the National Federation of Opticianry Schools (NFOS). Professor Robert Russo, a professor emeritus and past chairperson of the Vision Care Technology Department at the New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn, will be the instructor.