November 2017 Eyes/Optics

Albinism and the Eye

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen some pretty interesting things during clinic time. I recently had the amazing experience of meeting a young man with albinism. In the United States and Europe, there are only one in 18,000 to 20,000 people who have some type of albinism. He was only the second patient I have had the opportunity to work with, and the first Caucasian male. I decided to research the condition.

November 2017 Marketing / Merchandising

Can the Internet Actually Help Traditional Eyewear Retail?

There’s an internet eyewear retailer whose advertising claims to dispel the “myths” of internet eyewear purchases. Here’s one. “Myth: Online glasses compromise on quality. While there are certain online retailers that sell less-than-quality products, there are plenty of low quality products at retailers that sell at brick and mortar locations. All you need to do is make sure you do your research.” Was that supposed to be reassuring?
November 2017 Continuing Education

The Ideal Student

As program director for Vision Care Technology (A.S. degree) at Goodwin College, I must identify the ideal skills, interests, and knowledge set that make a strong applicant to our program. Students who apply are recent high school graduates, career changers, or are in higher education with a desire to be in healthcare. An optician should be well versed in basic algebra, have mechanical dexterity, and a desire to work with people in a healthcare setting. After much reflection, I narrowed the ideal skills, interests, and knowledge set down to four categories: math, science, sales, and healthcare.
November 2017 Resources

Mindful Eyes on Houston

As many of our long-time readers know, I’m a Houston native, and lived and worked in Houston for the majority of my time with 20/20 before a recent move to Dallas. As such, even though I was outside of the city when Hurricane Harvey hit, I still had friends and family there who were affected by the storm. It’s been an extremely troubling time, but I’m grateful everyone I know came out unscathed, and that, true to its nature, Houston has already begun the road back to recovery. It’s also been heartwarming to see that something else I hold so dear to my heart—the world of optical—has stepped up to lend a helping hand, with numerous individuals in the Optisphere pitching in on a variety of relief efforts to make sure Houstonians have clear vision with which to begin rebuilding our city.
November 2017 Fitting and Adjusting Frames

Eyes Are the Window to the Soul…We Frame the Connections!

Ever hear the joke about the girl who walks into a bar? She orders a martini, notices a rather dapper gentleman wearing a pair of incredible glasses, and decides to ask him where he purchased them.
I ordered them online.
Girl then proceeds to call her cousin: Can you measure my face? I’d like to order some glasses online.
Here’s the punchline: I’m the cousin. Funny,right? NOT!
November 2017 Eyes/Optics

By the Book

In this age of digital devices, many of us still indulge in the pleasure of reading hardcopy books. The intriguing cover illustration never turns off. It’s always there on the nightstand inviting you to take the next peek inside. A book never needs to be recharged, can survive a coffee spill, and doesn’t emanate nasty blue light. Yet, like their electronic counterparts, books present visual challenges.
November 2017 Education

Welcome to a New Contributor!

I’m pleased to welcome Rebecca Soto as a Pro to Pro contributing editor. Rebecca is a Licensed Optician, ABO and NCLE certified, and Practicum Coordinator of Vision Care Technology at Goodwin College in East Hartford, Connecticut. Rebecca is earning her Master’s Degree in Education at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut. Rebecca teaches fabrication, dispensing, and ophthalmic business courses at Goodwin College. She also prepares students to sit for the American Board of Opticianry Exam. Rebecca received the 2016 teaching excellence award at Goodwin College.