January 2019 Eyewear

Eyewear Sends a Message

Selecting eyewear is a deeply personal decision. Unlike shoes, also personal, that are often hidden under a desk or table or long pants, eyeglasses are right there in front of your face – the first thing someone else notices. Personal taste is an extension of personality, whether quiet and conservative or outgoing and flamboyant, and eyewear choices usually follow that extension. But what else do glasses say to others?
December 2018 Education

Optical Charm

If there is one thing most college folks can agree on it’s that choosing a major can be terrifying. It is the beginning of a journey where the destination can seem out of reach. There can be doubts about continuing school, questioning your passions and an overall challenge to your psyche. Many people will enlighten you about being in school and inform you about choosing the “right” major, but sometimes it isn’t exactly the most motivational speech during your struggles.
December 2018 Education

To Fill or Not to Fill?

Online vision tests are a topic of conversation I’ve had with several colleagues recently. Is it legal to fill those prescriptions? Should we fill those prescriptions at all? What happens when the patient can’t see? Can we tell the difference between a prescription from an outside doctor and one signed off by an online doctor?
December 2018 Education

Practically Speaking: Teaching Practical Skills in the Classroom or Office

​Many people are drawn to opticianry because it is a patient-centered, fashion-forward, healthcare embedded, and strong hands-on component profession. There are few careers that have such a rich and diverse mix of knowledge and skill sets. Where can you transform someone’s appearance and help enhance and improve what they see in the world?
December 2018 Technicians

Parents, the Shadow Patients

There has been a huge increase in the number of children and young adults who we see for eye exams daily. With this increase, I have found that there are three categories of patient parents, and all of them require a certain style of approach. Learning to communicate well with the different parenting styles may be difficult, but will make your day to day in the clinic much easier and more pleasant.
December 2018 Eyes/Optics

Shop Responsibly

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. Have you finished your holiday shopping? I’ve barely scratched anyone off my list, but even if you’re ready to ‘wrap things up,’ there’s something to keep in mind if your gift list includes children. December is Safe Toys Month, and Prevent Blindness reminds us that each year, thousands of children younger than 15 suffer serious eye injuries from toys.