November 2018 Eyewear

Starting the Conversation

A win for the patient is a win for the practice! The sports protective eyewear conversation is fundamental to quality patient care, but it’s also a practice builder that increases patient loyalty and provides a new revenue stream.
November 2018 Education

Elephants in the Room

Goodwin College’s Vision Care Technology program recently had their 4th annual Paint Night fundraiser. Attendees included current students and their families, graduates and their families, staff and faculty from the college and their families, and some people from the community.
November 2018 Education

Were They Opticians Yesterday?

The patient had a recheck with our doctor to verify a prescription she had filled elsewhere, and she was having a problem with the glasses. She had gone back to the optical shop that made the glasses, but they told her the problem was with the prescription, and referred her back to the doctor.
November 2018 Education

American Board of Opticianry Review Course

The American Board of Opticianry NOCE Exam is a two-hour multiple-choice national certifying exam. It consists of six domains, Ophthalmic Optics; Ocular Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology; Ophthalmic Products; Instrumentation; Dispensing Procedures; and Laws, Regulations and Standards.
November 2018 Eyewear

Passion for Fashion

I was eight years old when I put on my first pair of glasses. Dozens of colors all around me, plastic and square, metal and hexagonal. Except mine were metal and burgundy and I remember I hated wearing those round frames. When I look back at my frame choices over the past 15 years my first thought is, “who let me walk out of the optical shop like that?!” More and more questions surfaced once I started working in the optical field.
November 2018 Eyes/Optics

Diabetic Eye Disease Month

Is it coincidence that as soon as we’ve finished the left over Halloween candy, comes November and National Diabetic Eye Disease Month? Coincidence or not, Prevent Blindness takes diabetic eye disease very seriously with more than 29 million American diabetics and their increased risk of several sight threatening diseases. Diabetic eye disease is not just one, but a group of eye conditions that affects people with diabetes. Those conditions include diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema (DME) cataract and glaucoma.
October 2018 Eyes/Optics

Be Very Afraid

Halloween is coming and there is always plenty of scary goings on for eye care practitioners. One of the scariest is decorative or “circle” contact lenses. This time of year, they pop up like pumpkins in costume stores and online, and you don’t need a prescription to buy them - your credit card will do. A quick Google search for “Halloween contact lenses” yielded three costume shops and an online seller in my area on the first of 19 pages of results. I started the purchasing process online for one of the shops and the online seller, and in both cases, got all the way to the checkout without having to verify my prescription. Terrifying!
October 2018 Education

Recruiting the Future Optician

Building an optician program at the college level is multi-faceted. The Vision Care Technology (VCT) program at Goodwin College in Connecticut has graduated three cohorts of students. In the scheme of things, we are still a new program. Before I entered academia, cohort was not part of my lexicon. I have always been interested in words and their origin. I recall looking up the word “cohort” when I started because I wasn’t 100% certain of what it meant. When hired, I was told that we would be accepting a new cohort of students each fall semester. A cohort is a group of people banded together. The word is originally derived from Roman military.