March 2019 Eyes/Optics

It’s Save Your Vision Month

As Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs), we find ourselves in the position of “fixing” vision problems after they’ve been diagnosed. Glasses, contact lenses, vision therapy and more come out of our toolbox to help those who can no longer see clearly. But, with a nod to an old saying, what can we do to fix it before it’s broke?
March 2019 Education

HOYA the Proud Sponsor of NFOS College Bowl 2019 - Vision Expo East

Come and lend your enthusiasm to this year's fun and friendly NFOS College Bowl competition. Show your support and cheer for the student contestants representing their Opticianry School. Twelve students from NFOS member Opticianry schools compete in this rapid-fire quiz competition.
March 2019 Eyewear

Titanium – A High Tech Material for High Performance Frames

When we think about titanium frames, Charmant is the first name to come to mind. Now a leading multi-national corporation for fashionable eyewear products, Charmant (the name means “charming”) began its journey of innovation from more humble roots. Let’s follow the journey from small manufacturer to globally recognized producer of quality and cutting-edge design titanium eyewear.
February 2019 Eyes/Optics

The Artist’s Eye

Leonardo da Vinci made tremendous contributions, not only to art and science, but to optics as well. He foretold the invention of contact lenses when he had a visually impaired man open his eyes in a bowl of water and the man’s vision improved. Da Vinci also aggressively studied the nature of light and anatomy. According to Historian of Art, Martin Kemp, “He planned to make a glass model of the eye to confirm how it functioned. If he understood how optics worked in the external word, and how the eye functioned, he should be able to make paintings that looked like a ‘second nature.’ This means that naturalism is not the taking a kind of ‘photograph’ of nature but reconstructing and demonstrating how nature works.”
February 2019 Eyes/Optics

It’s Our Mission to Understand Our Kids’ Vision

Vision is fundamental to children’s learning. About 80% of socio-educational development takes place through the eyes during the first 12 years of life, but changes in vision can take place without parents noticing. Working as an optician has helped me realize the importance of having our kids’ eyes examined every year. The discussion can start with vision screenings at schools or pediatricians, but we must add that it is not the perfect way to fully diagnose a vision problem.
February 2019 Eyewear

Optical Sleuthing: Max Zorin’s Glasses in A View to a Kill

My friend Phil Nobile, Jr., is probably one of the most interesting people I know. The current editor-in-chief of the venerable horror movie magazine Fangoria, he’s also worked as a journalist, TV and film producer, and—most pertinent to this article—he’s one of the world’s foremost experts on the world of James Bond, having written dozens of critical and scholarly articles on the film and book series. So it was no small honor when Phil recently sought me out to help him solve a personal Bond mystery—what frames does Christopher Walken wear in his role as Max Zorin, the villain of Roger Moore’s final film in the franchise, A View to a Kill?