The very young can be quite difficult when taking a pupillary distance measurement.

Often pupillometers don’t measure down to their small sizes. Trying to coax a little one to look into the pupillometer can bring back some bad memories from the doctor’s visit. They will often cry and resist. Once they are crying, it’s game over.

I suggest a simple game of peekaboo. We use a PD ruler that has windows so the child can look through and see you. This tends to make them comfortable, and who doesn’t like peekaboo? Center the PD ruler on the child’s bridge and cover one eye with your thumb. Do something crazy to get their attention—find the inner child in you. If you have a really shy child, try playing peekaboo with mom and dad first. This will likely make the child want to join in with the next round of fun.

Danielle Crull, ABOM, owns A Child's Eyes, an independent optical store specializing in pediatrics in south central Pennsylvania. She became a Master Certified Optician in 1997, and her thesis topic concerned the differences between dispensing to children and adults. She lives in Dillsburg, Pa., with her husband and three children, all of whom work in her business.