May 2015 Business

The Battle Over the PD

We are in a new age of consumerism. This new consumer desires nothing more than transparency and control of their health care spend.
March 2015 Business

Valuable Tips for Decreasing Remakes, Part Three

Proper frame fit begins with a proper adjustment.
August 2014 Business

Selling New Lens Technology

I often speak about the few messages the average consumer gets about our industry. Things like "get two pair for $99" or "this pair is good in every light," and the one that simply amazes me "come in for a free exam."
May 2014 Fitting and Adjusting Frames

Kid's Eyewear: Delivery and Fitting, Part Two

A young child's bridge is not developed yet, so it is often soft and fleshy. You will likely see impressions left on the nose just from the sheer weight of the glasses alone.
May 2014 Fitting and Adjusting Frames

Kid's Eyewear: Delivery and Fitting, Part One

Have the child put on their new glasses and wear them for a short period of time. Go for a full ten minutes if you can. Have them play; go for a walk.
April 2014 Fitting Lenses

PD's and The Very Young

The very young can be quite difficult when taking a pupillary distance measurement.
December 2013 Fitting and Adjusting Frames

Never Be Screw Loose, Part 3

While frame repair really can be as simple as popping a screw into place, there are situations, which can prove more difficult, and tools, which can greatly aid in the process.
November 2013 Business

Boosting Sales of Office Lenses

Recently, I attended a meeting of lens suppliers who were discussing industry sales trends. When the talk turned to "office" lenses, there was general agreement that sales have been disappointing.
October 2013 Business

The Art of Designing and Ordering Eyeglasses

It has never been more exciting to be an optician. Opticianry is one of the few professions that combines science with fashion.
April 2012 Lenses

Free-form Single Vision

The idea brings out the skeptic in many an optician.