By Linda Conlin, Pro to Pro Managing Editor

In 2022, Pro to Pro brought you the resources to help navigate the ever-changing scenario of vision, optics, and eyewear. In case you missed any, I’m pleased to present the year’s most popular CEs and features in the most sought-after categories. 

Retail strategies: 
We’re always looking for ways to build the business, and planning and managing inventory is a big part of a successful business. Having the brands and product mix geared toward your unique demographic brings your existing customer back time and time again. You can learn about the steps to develop an inventory plan with this CE.

Dispensing:  ECPs know there’s much more to what we do than having a customer choose a frame and picking up the finished pair of glasses. There are frame fit measurements, fitting and adjustments, patient education, and more. This course will guide you through the process from frame selection to the final fitting.

Lens enhancements:  As ECPs, we hear about the uncomfortable and distracting effect of poor visibility and oncoming headlights when driving at night. Night driving is more challenging for spectacle wearers and even worse with standard progressive lenses and the bright blue rich headlights of our times. Now there’s a solution to help make driving at night safer and more comfortable for patients.

Myopia:  ECPs have known for years that the incidence of myopia is increasing at an alarming rate. It may seem simple to correct blurred vision with contact lenses or glasses, but only correcting visual acuity, particularly in high myopia, carries the risk of secondary blinding complications, making prevention urgent. Learn about current methods of myopia correction and control here.

Contact lenses:  There’s something new in contact lenses almost every day. Research continues not only to improve vision and eye health but for contact lenses to have even more functions and benefits. The potential uses for contact lenses are exploding, and their function reaches far beyond vision correction alone. This course reviews the latest innovations.

Retail strategies: 
We all enjoy walking into a shop in which we can see what it has to offer in an elegant, attractive way. Just being there can put us in an upbeat frame of mind. How can we design our optical shops to convey that mood? It’s easy when you know the basic principles.

Dispensing:  How can we identify the luxury consumer, and how can we entice them to be our customers? How can we appeal to and keep the luxury eyewear consumer?  Eyewear should feel specifically chosen, designed and unique to each individual customer. Learn how to know the luxury consumer and what they want in this feature article.

Lens enhancements:  Color vision perception is an amazing and complex process involving the eye and the brain, and now, that perception can be enhanced. New color enhancing lenses selectively block blue wavelengths of light and attenuate specific yellow wavelengths to produce a visual experience with more vivid colors, better depth perception, enhanced clarity, and high definition. This article tells more about it.

Myopia:  The causes of myopia are multifactorial, as are the treatments which range from ophthalmic lenses to specialty contact lenses that reduce accommodative demand and correct peripheral defocus, among others. Among those causes, environment has sparked great interest in myopia research and product development. Both natural and artificial light are being investigated for their roles in myopic development. Read more here.

Contact lenses:  Contact lenses aren’t just for vision anymore. New developments improve wearing comfort and eye health. They also can be used to deliver drugs, monitor health, to relieve symptoms of dry eye and allergies, and to receive and display images for augmented vision. This article will tell you more about what’s new in contact lenses.