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A Better Single Vision Solution for Young Eyes

By age 6, full emmetropization occurs, with some eyes developing normally and others developing ametropia (myopia and hyperopia). Opticians are accustomed to fitting young ametropes in stock single vision lenses. But this one-size-fits-all approach does not address the unique vision challenges of today's young ametropic digital natives ages 6 through 19.

Healthy Tear Film with Warm Eyes

Today, we are addressing the effect of our meibomian glands in our eyelids on the quality of basal tears and the link to chronic dry eye disease (DED). Also, we are introducing a new tool for dry eye sufferers that allows them to increase the normal flow of meibum, the lipid layer of the tear film, to prevent evaporative dry eye disease. The Warm Eye Mask by ZEISS helps patients comply with at-home treatment protocols prescribed by their doctor by being easy, convenient, and effective.

Lens Design and the Eye's Center of Rotation

The eyes’ center of rotation is a special point in the eye that plays a key role at ZEISS in the optimization of precision spectacle lenses including their new ClearView stock SV and SFSV lenses. ZEISS determined that a more accurate CoR distance measurement can be of decisive importance in determining the visual comfort offered to the wearer with his or her new lenses. Therefore, we are dedicating this course to the eye’s center of rotation and the key role it plays in lens design optimization.


This course takes us back in time to early lenses, before and after the advent of eyeglasses. We will learn about the merging of lens manufacturing and optical science in 1912, with the first science-based lens design, Punktal from ZEISS. Continuing through the years, we will end with a brief overview of the latest ophthalmic lens breakthroughs and the future of vision science.

Revolution in Standard Single Vision Lenses

Single-vision (SV) lenses get an upgrade! If you are an ECP dispensing lenses, this news should pique your interest; after all, single vision lenses represent 75 percent of all ophthalmic lenses sold worldwide.

ZEISS is the innovator behind this new freeform optimized stock and semi-finished single vision lens category. With over 100 years of optical discoveries and innovations, it is not surprising that they have set a new standard for single vision lens blanks.


Many events in ophthalmic optics lens history were inspired by a passion for providing vision solutions for patients. Learning this history and hearing these stories better equips us to raise the value in the patient’s eyes (pun intended) by increasing their appreciation for the science and technology behind their state-of-the-art glasses.

Blue Light Lenses with More Protection and Less Reflection

This course will review blue light fundamentals, wavelength-dependent effects on retinal cells, circadian rhythm and how the new ZEISS Blue Guard Lens technology increase protection and reduce reflections.

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