Eyes on Independents

Experience the energizing synergy of Independence and Collaboration in these video presentations as eyecare pros note their experiences, the eyecare products they trust and the array of independent eyewear and sunwear collections. Witness the people, the products and the service that combine in eyecare initiatives that truly count. These are animated stories of what it takes to be proud of one’s place in an optical arena where healthcare service and a focus on style with quality can set you on a journey reaching your goals supported by trusted alliances.

Luxeye Optical // New York, NY

Jenny Ma started Luxeye Optical many years ago and has expanded currently to five locations across New York City. She offers independent frames with an emphasis on craftmanship, featuring a brand selection that is customized to each specific neighborhood location of her stores. Learn more at https://www.luxeyeoptical.com/

Eyes on Independents Video Presentations


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