The DNA of Product Assortment

1. What is one app you can use to understand your demographic?
2. Dividing different types of product category in segmentation is
3. How much lifestyle product is considered the base of the business?
4. Luxury, ultra-luxury, and value segments are based on
5. To control inventory level, design this
6. The first information needed for assortment assessment is
7. The second information needed for assortment assessment is
8. Successful inventory rotation per year is
9. Use this as leverage to position a premium product
10. What is the number of frame brands you should have in inventory?
11. How much inventory should be sunglasses?
12. This keeps inventory at a certain level
13. The total of eye exams and walk-ins is
14. The percentage of patients who have comprehensive exams and purchase product is
15. Capture rate should be monitored
16. What percentage of frames should be women's?
17. How long should a brand be in inventory before you first analyze rotation?
18. What is best to do with assortment overflow?
19. What percentage of contact lens users buy Plano sunglasses within 24 hours after the fitting?
20. Millennial consumers tend to support companies and brands that
Evaluation Questions
21. In questions 21-23 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?
24. How were you directed to this course?
25. Please describe the office in which you work.