By Preston Fassel

What if you could provide your patient with the ultimate lens? One with total optical clarity, the lightest weight for the most comfort, the most damage resistance AND the highest quality photochromic, AR treatments and sun protection available? That’s the opportunity offered by ZEISS now that their revolutionary PhotoFusion lens is available in Trivex—and with flash mirrors for that extra option to offer the particularly fashion-forward patient in your practice.

For years, PhotoFusion has been one of the leading photochromic lenses on the market, using ZEISS’ commitment to superior lens technology and optical quality to bring patients the most comfortable experience available in photochromics. Exceptionally clear indoors and the perfect level of dark outdoors whether overcast, glary or in the full sun, ZEISS’ patented photoactive molecules mean that PhotoFusion Pro lenses darken 30 percent faster and return to clear 30 percent quicker, so that patients are never uncomfortable or inconvenienced. In addition to its efficacy, PhotoFusion also offers patients ultimate customization in the cosmetics of their lenses—the lenses are available in three shades of grey and two shades of brown, in addition to Pioneer Green (an analogue to G-15) and a fashionable yet functional deep blue, allowing patients to have lenses that meet both their practical and aesthetic needs.

PhotoFusion has always been one of the premier photochromics on the market, but its new availability in Trivex and with flash mirrors is a potential game changer in the field, allowing ECPs to provide their patients with the ultimate eyeglass lens. Originally developed by PPG for use in helicopter shields, Trivex lenses are the highest quality available to patients today, offering them 100 percent UV protection coupled with extreme impact and scratch resistance 60 times higher than FDA standards and optical clarity nearly as high as glass. Indeed, Trivex quickly became the material of choice for the U.S. Armed Forces’ helicopters, jet canopies and safety glasses, offering you the unique opportunity to tell patients that their lenses are military grade hardware. Coupled with its extremely light weight and thinness, Trivex is something approaching the perfect lens material, suited to the needs of all patients.

It’s easy to see how one of the greatest photochromics on the market today coupled with the perfect lens material serves to make the ultimate eyeglass lens—a truly something-for-everyone and meets-all-needs product. ZEISS isn’t content to just offer the best—their tradition of excellence, history of scientific innovation and commitment to quality means they had to be able to offer a lens that was better than the best. That’s why ZEISS pioneered DuraVision Flash Mirror, a flash mirror coating that allows patients to customize the appearance of their glasses even further. Available in White, Jade, Sapphire, Ruby and Amber, DuraVision Flash Mirrors have a low residual reflex of less than 10 percent and in a clear state are designed to resemble an AR treatment more closely, allowing for a higher degree of versatility than traditional flash mirrors that are more visible in all contexts. Coupled with their glare reduction and reduction of light transmission means that they’re perfect for use everywhere, from the brightest beaches and glariest mountains to neighborhood grocery store, classroom or even just lounging around at home; summer, winter, spring or fall—truly, a lens treatment for all seasons—and all people. And with flash mirrors popping up on the faces of more celebrities, influencers and pop icons, it’s a way for patients to feel like they’re part of the current cultural moment and look stylish at the same time, all on their own terms. Imagine combining the DuraVision Sapphire Flash with Photofusion Blue, or Jade with Pioneer Green for some really eye-popping colors—or enhancing the Ruby with Grey! The combinations offer an almost endless variety of chic, aesthetically arresting options for the fashion-forward patient in search of form and function.

It’s rare that professionals in any field can genuinely offer their patients the absolute best in any given product, but thanks to the technological innovations and commitment to quality by ZEISS, ECPs can do exactly that. By combining Trivex lenses with a ZEISS DuraVision AR, PhotoFusion photochromic lenses and a DuraVision Flash Mirror, ECPs can give their patients lenses that will offer them maximum visual acuity, UV and blue light protection, eye safety and visual comfort all in one package. It’s truly an opportunity like no other that’s ever been offered to ECPs before, and ZEISS is proud to give that not only to practices but their patients.