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By Deborah Kotob, ABOM

One of the biggest challenges expressed by ECPs is finding and retaining qualified staff. As we learned in the March 20/20 Pro to Pro article on CPO training, opportunity for professional growth and training is a key component in attracting and retaining staff.

VSP Premier Edge™ Training and Education is committed to providing high-level optical employee training and resources to bring added value to its ECP partnerships. Thriving independent optical practices succeed by having a strong team from the front office to the dispensary, to the doctor where every team member is engaged and able to provide excellent care. The Staff360 Employee Onboarding and Development series fosters growth and development for the individual employee while contributing to the success of the entire practice and most importantly, to a consistent experience where patients return year after year.

The Staff360 Employee Onboarding and Development series is the newest no-cost offering from Premier Edge Training and Educations that focuses on helping practices ease the challenges associated with onboarding new employees while accelerating their knowledge of the optometric industry and VSP. These resources are available exclusively to VSP Premier Edge Platinum and Gold-level practices. This training series is comprised of three components:

  • Course 215G: Onboarding Optometry New Hires eLearning Course: This on-demand course is designed to provide hiring managers with a foundational onboarding program to build employee retention and start them on a career-focused path, including a comprehensive step-by-step guide. In addition, you will receive recommendations for successful employee onboarding along with downloadable resources to help you and each new employee stay organized during the training period, including two checklists, a job aid and a training workbook with an outlined 90-day training program.
  • VSP Visionary Pro: The VSP Visionary Pro suite of eLearning courses provides practice employees with additional knowledge of VSP products and programs so the ECP can effectively maximize VSP in the practice for the best patient experience. Additionally, this training provides a path to professional growth and development that will foster employee satisfaction and retention. Once an employee completes the courses, they receive a certificate of completion, and the practice attains a visual badge which is displayed on the VSP® Find a Doctor Directory on vsp.com. When the patients look for a provider in the VSP network, they can see the badges earned by the practice indicating that the ECP practice has invested in training, instilling confidence in patients.
  • The CPO Exam Prep Guide: The CPO Exam Prep Guide is comprised of a step-by-step eLearning journey to prepare optical employees to pass the nationally recognized American Optometric Association (AOA) CPO exam. The eLearning courses are broken up into five categories, covering topics including medical terminology, basic anatomy, common eye disorders, basic pharmacology, optometric practice skills, basic business skills, information on different types of lenses and exam procedures. This new resource will create opportunities for staff and support their career journey in the optical industry. Helping practices develop career-focused employees to fill the vital role of a certified Paraoptometric in the optical health team is a Win, Win, Win for the patient, the practice and the individual employees. Valued at over a thousand dollars, the CPO Exam Prep Guide saves both the employee and the practice money on this training.

A singular goal for VSP is to support the profession of optometry and help private practice thrive. Offering resources like Staff360 aides the ECP in developing knowledgeable staff who understand products and have the clinical proficiencies to help the practice best serve the patient. Taking it one step further, the Staff360 Employee Onboarding and Development Series includes training in successful claims submission, paving the way for a seamless and positive patient experience.

VSP Premier Edge is constantly evolving to support doctors in realizing their vision for long-term practice success. Based on feedback from network doctors, Premier Edge Training and Education was created as a key benefit to provide comprehensive business-building education and training tailored specifically to VSP® network doctors and staff. It is designed to enhance the patient experience and save doctors time and money on staff development. To learn more, visit mypremieredgetraining.com.